Account Manager

Automatically create accounts in bulk, and export to .CSV and .HTML (and .PDF)

Work in Progress Education Server Moderation and Tools

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For Minetest 5.2 and above

How do I install this?

Automatically create accounts in bulk, and export a report to .CSV or .HTML. From .HTML, you can create a .PDF using your web browser.

There's also a setting to disable normal user creation, requiring users to use the accounts you created.

Coming soon: all player management

Also see Classroom


  • accountmgr.allow_user_register: Default true. If enabled, users can create an account. Setting this to false is desirable when you're using bulk account creation and don't want users to be able to create their own accounts.

Bulk Account Creation

Show the GUI

Grant yourself the server privilege, and then run the chatcommand:

/grantme server


You can import users from a .csv file by placing it in the world directory, selecting it in the "Import from CSV" list, and clicking import.

This .csv file can be as simple as a list of player names:


Or you can also include privileges and notes:

player1, fly fast
player2, kick ban, A note

Notes are freeform text, and will appear in the account report

Editing Users

When you click "Save" in the Create/Update section, it'll copy the fields into the user list. If the user exists, it'll be overridden. Otherwise, a new user will be created in the list.

You can click a row in the list to copy from the user list to the fields.

To copy a user, you can click it in the user list, change the name, and then click save.

Clicking Delete will delete the user with the given name.


Click "Create Accounts" to create/update the users and generate the reports.

The reports will be placed in the world directory. The file name will be new-users-DATE-TIME where DATE and TIME is when the report was created.

Passwords are only saved to plaintext in the report. It's not possible to generate the report again unless you change all the passwords as well.

To create a PDF file. open the HTML file up in your web browser (Chrome/Firefox/Edge) and print it (File > Print, Ctrl+P). Select "Save as PDF" or "Print as PDF" as the printer, and then click print.

Make sure to keep the report safe.



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