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For Minetest 5.1 and above

How do I install this?

An easy way to manage students in-game, with support for bulk actions and macros.

An action is something that can be performed on a selection of students. You can use actions to move players, grant/revoke privs, and more. A list of built-in actions can be found below, however, you can add more actions using the API for this mod.

Also see Account Manager


First, make sure that you grant the teacher priv to any teachers like so:

/grant username teacher

This allows them to access the classroom control panel, and exempts them from being included in actions.

To open the classroom control panel:

  • If sfinv is installed, open the Inventory (I) and switch to the classroom tab
  • If unified_inventory is installed, open the Inventory (I) and click the classroom icon
  • You can also use /classroom

In the control panel:

  • The set of students that an action works on depends on the toggle bar at the top.
    • All: apply the action to all students, but not teachers.
    • Group: apply the action to all students in the currently selected group.
    • Selected: apply the action only to the student that is currently selected.
  • You can changed the selected group using the tab header to the left.
  • You can manage groups using the New/Edit Group buttons in the top-right.
    • Use > to add the selected player to the group, < to remove.


Name Behaviour
Bring Teleports users to your position
Look Rotates the users to look at the teacher
Mute/Unmute Grants or revokes the ability to use chat
Fly/No fly Grants or revokes the ability to fly (key: K)
Kick Remove from the server
Ban Permanently exclude from the server
Audience Move to the crosshair location, spread out and facing you



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Really useful, even if not for a classroom setting.

    I have begun using this on the server I run for my kids and their friends. Very useful to have all these tools in one place and to be able to act upon individuals, groups or everyone logged in. Thanks for making this mod!