VoxeLibre /sit and /lay

Sit and lay using chat commands in VoxeLibre (ex. MineClone2) or Mineclonia

Chat / Commands Multiplayer-focused

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VoxeLibre /sit and /lay

Adds commands to /lay or /sit to VoxeLibre (ex. MineClone2) or Mineclonia. Port of good old cozy mod (originally made for MTG by everamzah) to work with VL properly and even provide some nice new features!




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  • sit or lay down wherever you want

    We often use /lay when we're drunk in our tavern or playing paramedic after an accident. It's just so much fun to use mcl_cozy. In addition, the author responds very quickly to reports of issues. Thank you!

  • Great for sitting in things

    We all have made a cool throne or chair and want to sit in it but have to crouch in it.


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