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Tables and Chairs

This mod adds basic functional furniture (Chairs, Stools, Tables, Small Tables, Tiny Tables, Benches) to Minetest Game, Mineclone2 and Mineclonia.

Update 1.1 and higher: All woods supported.

It's a fork of ts_furniture. The eye_height bugs have been fixed, Mineclone support has been added, you no longer sit in air and the nonfunctional disabled by default kneeling bench has been removed and a stool and a bench with backrest has been added.

If you are using ts_furniture and did not place down any kneeling benches, you can replace it with this.

Translation is now easier. Just post the following with the right side in your language (pls format as code block) and I will add your language.

# textdomain:tables_chairs
 of = aus 
Small Table=Kleiner Tisch
Tiny Table=Winziger Tisch
Comfortable Bench=Behagliche Bank
You tried to sit but hit your head.=Du hast versucht, dich zu setzen, hast dir aber den Kopf gestoßen.
You can only sit down when you are not moving.=Du kannst dich nur hinsetzen, wenn du dich nicht bewegst.

ts_furniture was originally made by Thomas-S and published under the MIT license.

Code from "Get Comfortable [cozy]" (by everamzah; published under WTFPL) was used and modified.



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  • A Better Mod Out Of ts_furniture

    A mod I've been waiting for!

    This mod fixes, improves and enhances ts_furniture. Sitting now works fine. Mods that provide new trees and add group wood to the definition are automatically registered to the furniture of Tables and Chairs. This mod also Introduces new furniture.

    A basic mod for adding furniture to the game. I do recommend Table and Chairs.

  • English

    Great mod

    It fits the game really well!

  • ES translation

    Really cool mod. This is the translation for spanish:


    of = de Table=Mesa Small Table=Mesa pequeña Tiny Table=Mesita Chair=Silla Stool=Taburete Bench=Banco Comfortable Bench=Banco cómodo You tried to sit but hit your head.=Trataste de sentarte pero te golpeaste la cabeza. You can only sit down when you are not moving.=Solo puedes sentarte cuando no te mueves.