Explore strange and mad world of the desolate alien planet.
Enjoy landscapes filled with gigantic mushrooms, painted in lucid, surrealistic colours.
Suffer from the radiation poisoning with alpha, beta and gamma radiation (actually and properly implemented).
Build gorgeous circuits powered by sophisticated MNA solver.
Become an architect in the fantastic sci-fi themed world of Loria.

WARNING: Electricity mod requires access to insecure functions in order to work. Please add the electricity mod to your secure.trusted_mods (add “secure.trusted_mods = electricity” to minetest.conf). Insecure functions provide native (fast) complex numbers and arrays, which are necessary for MNA solver used in electricity mod.

You may review the files that use these native features: init.fnl matrix.fnl complex.fnl

GitHub Releases & Changelog [RUS/ENG]


  • 5 unique biomes
  • Useful and dangerous gases with different properties
  • Gravity varies depending on location

Gameplay information

Craft list.

Radioactivity table.



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  • Alien Landscape

    BuckarooBanzay told me to check this game out, and I'm glad I did!

    Explore an alien landscape with its own unique hazards. Discover uses for a variety of natural resources to survive and aid in your explorations. Craft new machines and discover how to power them with the included electricity mod (still working this part out, it's complex).

    Check out the forum topic for a basic guide: https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=25095

  • awesome!

    Just wow: mercury-seas, variable gravity, radiation, fancy "space"-trees I haven't gotten to the tech stuff yet but the ideas so far are amazing :O