Minetest YAML Config Library Mod

Sample YAML Config Format:

# totalPlayTime unit is minute
totalPlayTime: 30
# Whether skip the question which has already be answered correctly.
skipAnswered: 1
# checkInterval unit is seconds
checkInterval: 10
# idleInterval unit is minute
idleInterval: 1
quiz: # question list
  - id: favorColor
    title: "What's my favor color?"
    answer: red
  - id: theYear
    title: "What's the year?"
    answer: 2021


local MOD_NAME = minetest.get_current_modname()
-- load config from file,
-- first load the my-config.yml file in mod directory as default settings
-- then try to load from world directory:
-- the filename in the world folder is MOD_NAME .. "_my-config.yml"
local settings = yaml.readConfig(MOD_NAME, "my-config.yml")
-- save the config file to world directory
-- the default filename is "config.yml" if filename not exists
-- the filename in the world folder is MOD_NAME .. "_" .."my_config.yml"
yaml.writeConfig(settings, "my-config.yml")# totalPlayTime unit is minute


  • yaml.readConfig(modName, filename = "config.yml")
  • first load the yaml file in mod directory as default settings
  • then load file from world directory
  • return merge the two settings together at last
  • yaml.writeConfig(settings, filename = "config.yml", modName)
  • save the config file to the world directory
  • yaml.readYamlFile(filepath)
  • read a YAML format file
  • yaml.readModConfig(filename, modName)
  • yaml.readWorldConfig(filename)
  • yaml.writeYamlFile(filepath, content)
  • yaml.writeModConfig(filename, content, modName)
  • yaml.writeWorldConfig(content, filename)
  • yaml.defaults(target, default)
  • merge the default to the target table
  • return target
  • yaml.readFile(filepath)
  • read whole file
  • return content if successful
  • yaml.writeFile(filepath, content)
  • return true if successful

Using the lua-yaml as yaml parser.



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