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Minetest Subways - ContentDB

This mod aims to add several unique, real subways to the Advanced Trains mod, which seems to have a lack of good-looking subways. I will be actively adding more subways, so keep an eye out for new trains! Also, I'll be taking suggestions for any trains y'all want to see implemented; take a look below for more information.

Usage - Setting Train Color

Subways comes with an optional feature that enables you to change the color of your subway trains. In order to enable this functionality, install the bike mod. You can then take the bike painter tool, right click to adjust the tool's color, and punch the train to set the train to that color.

Have any ideas and/or subway requests?

If you have any ideas for more types of subways I could add, or if you have a particular subway in mind you'd like me to make, I encourage you to create an issue telling me the specific subway you want me to add! I make all the subway models myself, so your train does need to be one I can find pictures of online (just for reference). Unless something drastic happens, your subway request should be complete in a two weeks at the most, a few days if I'm really on top of things.


  • Add sound effects


Of course without the bugfixes and features provided by other awesome users, this mod just wouldn't be the same. Here are the people who have helped imrove Subways:


The code is licensed under the MIT; all media (including Blender and Krita files) is licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0.



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