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Welcome to the end result of years of painstaking sound engineering and hundreds of hours of game play testing.

Audio by Sn0wShepherd, license CC-BY-SA 4.0 Mod by texmex, license LGPL 2.1



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  • only a small part of the original pack

    Snowsong is an amazing SoundPack created by Alecia M. Shepherd (Sn0wShepherd) for Minecraft. The original pack contains almost a thousand different sounds. And there were multiple addon packs available containing music tracks.

    Sadly this mod is not the entire Sound Pack. It only contains 84 sounds, which cover :

    • carts sounds
    • break glass
    • chest
    • dig
    • footsteps on a few materials
    • door
    • splash_self_join(?)
    • tnt

    I am not giving it a negative review, because I still really appreciate the effort of bringing this soundpack to Minetest!