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minetest-furnituregen [furniture]

Minetest mod that adds, and simplifies the addition of model based furniture - Simplifies the process of registering model-based nodes over many materials at the same time - Introduces the furniture type definition, which defines a single furniture piece in a manner that is scalable over materials - Allows for creation of furniture sets, which control registration over materials - Implements interactivity trough node swapping - Handles inventory registration and interaction, only the number of inventory rows need to be specified - Can generate Locked variants of interact-able pieces automatically - Requires only a single block/tile-format texture to produce a shaded model - Easily creates furniture for other mods



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  • Interesting Mod

    This mod is actually pretty nice. I'm really surprised more servers do not use it. If you want to try it out, my friend installed it on his server:

    Server: DBFriendly's Server Address:


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