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minetest-furnituregen [furniture]

Minetest mod that adds, and simplifies the addition of model based furniture - Simplifies the process of registering model-based nodes over many materials at the same time - Introduces the furniture type definition, which defines a single furniture piece in a manner that is scalable over materials - Allows for creation of furniture sets, which control registration over materials - Implements interactivity trough node swapping - Handles inventory registration and interaction, only the number of inventory rows need to be specified - Can generate Locked variants of interact-able pieces automatically - Requires only a single block/tile-format texture to produce a shaded model - Easily creates furniture for other mods



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  • Interesting Mod

    This mod is actually pretty nice. I'm really surprised more servers do not use it. I like how it uses several nodes from different mods to create multitextured furnishings.

    I think my only real critique is the about the windows and some of the furniture. The frames are too thick on the windows in my opinion. The only thing I see "wrong" with the furniture is that some of it is only one texture, when there's the options to do more with the models aesthetically. Otherwise, I really like the mod.


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