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Minetest Farlands Reloaded Game

Luacheck License: MIT License: CC BY-SA 4.0


game built on the minetest engine currently in beta. This game current provides minimal playable experience but in the long term hopes to become more tech and train focused. see the file for proposed direction.

Test Server

A test server running this game can be found at
Address: Port: 30016


Code: MIT
Media: CC BY-SA 4.0.


  • Git
    download game, install in /games, if using git, make sure to get the submodules as well
  • Github zip download
    github zip download does not include submodules so you will need to obtain copys of those mods and insert them in there proper place
  • Contentdb should be able to download the game from the content tab and play

minetest.conf settings

currently none provided


This game is missing xyz feature
Please open a issue for it, or better yet open a pull request for it



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