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For Minetest 5.2 and above

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  • Flexible painting brush:
    • Create new terrain using sphere, cube, cylinder and plateau shapes.
    • Smoothen and reshape existing terrain
    • Mask support for conditional editing
    • Weighted pattern support (use item stacks)
    • Various modifiers to simulate gravity, replace layers, place decorations
    • UI-based configuration
  • Undo support both for brush operations and normal block digging/placing
  • Teleport tool for faster travel
  • Light tools:
    • Light up the working area, whether working during night or in a deep cave
    • One-click light fixer
  • All tools protected with a dedicated priviledge



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Extremely underrated mod

    This is an extremely underrated mod that is extremely powerful for editing and creating terrain. While WorldEdit is useful for making cuboids, spheres, moving a cuboid selection X nodes... Terraform is useful for when you have existing or no terrain, and want to sculpt something for you to better build in.

  • A good alternative to worldedit

    I love this mod for it can be used for the cration of underground biomes, research caves and finding ores and lastly creation of structures which were difficult to make with worldedit . Previously I used worldedit but now I also have Terraform so I appreciate your mod.

    But just one query that how can I increase the number of slots in the terraform brush for convinience

  • It's by x2048, it has to be good

    I am an enjoyer of landscapes

  • Very powerful mod and essential in creativity

    This mod is complex but simple to understand (easy to learn). Its name describes very well what it can do whether on a small or large scale. In addition, the modifications appear natural compared to raw editors. No bugs, works very well and responds quickly.