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Technic Elepower Compatibility screenshot
Technic Elepower Compatibility by DumbDave961

Elepower recipes for Technic machines. Technic recipes for Elepower machines. A new converter connects Technic cables to Elepower conduits when enabled.

Hopper Compatibility screenshot
Hopper Compatibility by Bob64

Adds hopper compatibility for other mods like technic, elepower and even connected chests!

Bed Notifications screenshot
Bed Notifications by Bob64

This adds chat messages that tell other players when a player leaves or enters a bed and when players can sleep.

Portable Chests screenshot
Portable Chests by Bob64

Portable chests you can pick up even when there are items inside.

Colored Chat Text screenshot
Colored Chat Text by Bob64

This makes the minetest chat messages a different color depending on what you set it to in the settings.

Elepower Fixes screenshot
Elepower Fixes by Bob64

This aims to fix some of the problems with the elepower modpack.

Local Time and Date Api screenshot
Local Time and Date Api by Bob64

This is a minetest mod that provides an api for other mods to use to get a user's preferred date and time format/time zone based on their configured settings for this mod.

Time and Date Stamps screenshot
Time and Date Stamps by Bob64

This mod overrides the default chat format so that it also contains the date and time that the message was sent.

Stairs Recycle screenshot
Stairs Recycle by DumbDave961

Turn stairs into ingots, slabs, or different stairs. Smelt cobble stairs into stone stairs. Highly recommended for Oneblock survival. Based on Simple Recycle by Jolesh.