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A collection by Neuromancer

Just a bunch of mods I want to check out


Church Modpack screenshot
Church Modpack by SFENCE

Church Modpack adds many decorative nodes to the game.

Astral screenshot
Astral by DragonWrangler

this is a fork of astral

Astral screenshot
Astral by cronvel

Add regular moon phases, as well as 9 special natural and surnatural Astral events to discover!

Flying Carpet screenshot
Flying Carpet by Wuzzy

Quickly explore the vast terrain with the magical flying carpet.

Scary Ambience screenshot
Scary Ambience by StarNinjas

Adds scary sounds, and music to nighttime and caves.

UFO Ship screenshot
UFO Ship by wsor4035

adds a ufo for flying around in

Light Tool screenshot
Light Tool by Extex

Adds a tool and api that creates beams of light

Ghosts screenshot
Ghosts by LMD

Adds fancy particle ghosts