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A collection by dibesfer

They allow you create more complex things with a little study.


Unified Dyes screenshot
Unified Dyes by mt-mods

Unified Dyes expands the standard dye set from 15 to up to 256 colors (depending on the object to be colored)

Unifiedbricks screenshot
Unifiedbricks by wowiamdiamonds

This mod allows the user to re-color default bricks using Unified Dyes, and provides some pattern variations as well.

Replacer screenshot
Replacer by Sokomine

Exchange/replace nodes with one click.

FDM Cube screenshot
FDM Cube by Warr1024

Design models for FDM 3D printing

Build Easy Box screenshot
Build Easy Box by epCode

A handy tool allowing the creation of large structures with minimal effort (in survival!).

Sculpture screenshot
Sculpture by SFENCE

Make player possible to make his own sculture and paint on it with painting oil colors. Hades Revisited is supported.

Columnia screenshot
Columnia by mt-mods

Adds simple pillars and columns

Datatest screenshot
Datatest by dibesfer

8 new biomes with nodes, ores and schematics, inspired by digital data

Colorlandia screenshot
Colorlandia by dibesfer

🎨 21 colorful biomes to explore, much more than 256 colorful nodes to create whatever you imagine. 🌈