You start on a small island and your goal is to enlarge it.

Jam / Game 2021

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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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You are on a small island in the sea and you have to enlarge it. For that you have an axe and a pickaxe. Go to the purple pillars first. You can mine them with your axe. Collect 10 purple resources, go to the first task and expand the island.



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  • Overrated cookie clicker

    Through the positive reviews amassed through game jam reviewers, this game has surpassed LOTT, the infinite IKEA and a couple other genuinely well done game, being a mere "cookie clicker" type of game: You spend all your time doing the highly repetitive task of mining resources and spending them. The first five minutes you unlock new types of resources - which merely differ in color/tool - and a "shop", which will convert resources. But afterwards, it gets "meh".

  • Overall: Meh

    In it's current state the game is basically an idle clicker with 3 unchanging buttons. I've seen the mobile game ads though, and am very interested in seeing where this goes. I will definitely update my review as progress is made

    0: Bad
    1: Meh
    2: Ok
    3: Good
    4: Amazing
    Fun       : 1
    Innovation: 2
    Graphics  : 2
    Audio     : N/R
    Humor     : N/R
    Mood      : 2
  • Too Short Incremental Game

    This game is pretty incomplete, and I was able to pay every cost in less than 10 minutes. Sine there isn’t much to do, expanding the island isn’t very fun as there’s no reason for it. So, I would not recommend this game in it’s current state. I’ve enjoyed watching the development progress of this game though and I think it could be a good game with more development.

    Also, this is probably not the game’s fault, but the first time my brother played, the world disappeared from the main menu after playing. It turns out the file had been emptied, and we had to add gameid = stella to play again. This did not happen on my computer, so I think it was a random error or something.

  • repetative

    this game gets repetative very quickley. it seems like a interisting idea but needs some work. i think this game could get very good in the future but only if you work hard on it. i hope to see this game being less repetative later on.

  • English

    Really, *REALLY* basic game

    Yeah, this game is incredulously basic. There is barely anything, and not even the UI is very good - you can't move items around inventory slots. Maybe a good idea would be to make the movement of resources faster, allow us to move stuff around inventories, and make the resource amounts a ui interface rather than purely an inventory item.

  • It's not the best game I have ever played but it's a good concept.

    It could become something reallly, reaaalllly cool. But for now it's a boring clicker. And way too short. Thank you for the game.

  • Build your own island with hexagons

    PLEASE NOTE: This review is written for the 2021 Minetest Game Jam version of this game, by a PARTICIPANT. I used Minetest version 5.4.1 to playtest.

    It's an interesting concept. The hexagon platforms are a HUGE surprise for something like Minetest. But that's not enough for a good rating. Unfortunately, there's not much to do, it's basically a demo version right now. I played through the whole (demo) game. There are 3 things you can do: Dig "resources" which are colorful cylinders and you use them at the borders of your hexagons to create new hexagons. And occassionally you find new "friends" which are basically traders, they give you new resources. And that's it for now. Hate to say it, but that's not really enough in my taste. Especially the mining and building gets boring rather fast. The concept seems fine for a small game (the game jam's theme) but I think the mining and building activities would be better if they are faster so you don't have to stand on the same spot for a long time. There is no sound, nor are there any effects. The building is very awkward, you have to hit into an invisible spot to build, there is no indicator except a text. The game also gives color somewhat weird name. The "silver resource" is not really silver, etc. Overall, since this game is too basic right now and just in a demo state, I have to give a thumbs down at this stage. Also the lack of sounds is disturbing.

    That having said, I think you struck a quite interesting concept here. If the building and mining aspects get a little more refined, and less annoying, and if there are just more features in general, or more depth, I feel like this game has potential to become something cool.

    The game is not very good in the current state, but it COULD be. I will probably look forward for new versions of this game (post-jam) to see if more interesting stuff is being added. If this is extended with the right ideas, this might become something interesting.

  • Pretty much just breaking stuff down. Needs music

    This game was played and rated in the Minetest GAME JAM LIVE (ep4): Note: rating system was changed a bit from ep1


    Rating System
    1 - Bad
    2 - Meh
    3 - Good
    4 - Great
    5 - Love it!
    Rating for 
    Gameplay - 5/10
    Graphics - 3/5
    Player-Friendly - 5/5
    Performance - 5/5
    Sounds & Music - 1/5

    OVERALL: 19 (Great)


    This game actaully seems like it has lots of potential, but I think the absence of music or any sounds at all, made the game a bit boring. I hope you add more content, and most of all music. Thanks for participating!


  • It was never updated.

    It's an island enlargement game, but a very simple one. If you add survival elements and more content, it would be a better game. I waited 3 years and nothing, no update has been released since then. Its worst than Minetest default game.

  • Simple but enjoyable

    This game gives few distracting minutes of gameplay. It could use some kind of end and/or more content.

  • Hexceptionally infinite (I'm sorry)

    If you happen to enjoy making numbers grow bigger, Stella is the game for you. Paramount requirement for this type of gameplay is the infinite inventory size; I also liked the hexagonal playing field, nice touch.

    Having to swap tool to mine different resources isn't enough to keep me interested, though; it's a bit boring in the long run... unless you are really all about clicker games! B) It's a fresh direction for the engine, so let's see what the future holds!

    Post- Jam development should focus on:

    • adding new systems for the collection of some resources (e.g. placeable explosives, feeding a creature for its byproduct, etc...);

    • polishing player experience (e.g. adding a soundtrack, fixing formspecs cutting out, maybe defining a better artstyle for some assets, maybe adding an ending).

    A neat zen minigame

  • A game with no cubes in a voxel engine

    I had liked that there was an initial context welcoming the player (even if no sound), but it turned into a repetitive clicker after a while; the objective is to keep farming, and unlocking new areas needs players to stand still in front of them for an amount of time that increases according to the number of resources needed (I would have put a default time, maybe with a nice sound).

    Most importantly, though, why there is not even a cube? I think the author wanted to experiment, but areas could have been squares instead of hexagons (meaning also less models to download). Furthermore, I personally don't like perfectly round objects placed into a voxel context, as they result out of place, so I think that - graphically speaking - it could have been way better with way less effort and resources. Seeing all these non-squared 3D models I wonder: why on Minetest and not, for instance, on Godot?

  • Potential for more

    I understand there's a lot more planned, considering all the "Coming Soon" descriptors in the game. At its current state, Stella presents interesting graphics and gameplay with potential for more, and for that its a thumbs up.

    That being said, the gameplay idea is a bit simple at the moment, dig up things to upgrade things to dig up more things, which is to say, what is different from normal minetest gameplay?

    I would like to see these resources used for more purposes, maybe building your own mini city and or even hiring miners to do the job for you. More sounds cues would be helpful too, considering there's currently no sound when interacting with things.

    I will definitely be watching its development.

  • Nice game but more is possible

    It's the first gamejam-game which i test which not lag, or a Arcade game is. It's a nice evolution game but there are only colored blocks but there is more cretive possible. Also you should spawn on a sector and not in water.

    My 6%-rating(if i would have 6% of rating): * 0.75/1 for the idea --the idea is cool but not unique * 1/2 for the media --That are only color textures. And the dealer was a bit modified Sam-Texture. But the sectors was modulated in hexagons. * 2.5/3 for the play --It was nice time for play it but i spawned in water and must find the platform first. But the tuttorial was also good. * 4.25/6 in total

    I recommend the game for the gamejam

  • Reviews from Emojiminetest: Funny


    • Funny playing experience
    • Good graphics


    • Voxel game engine without a single block is weird
    • Deprecated call to set_attribute, use MetaDataRef methods instead.


    The idea is good.



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