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For Minetest 5.4 and above

How do I install this?

Add a customisable speedrun engine for MineClone2

WARNING: this mod only works with MineClone5 0.71.5 or above and MineClone2 master branch

WARNING: this mod can only be played in singleplayer and do not save speedrun data on exit

You can create additional speedrun type (see speedrun.lua) and send me a pull request if you want.

Be sure to fit the rules of an existing minecraft speedrun type (



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  • Must have for speedruns!

    I really like speedrunning MineClone2 and with this timer you always keep an eye on the time. It also looks really cool. I already downloaded it from github and tested it a few weeks ago.

  • I mean its a speedrun mod

    Idk what to type I just wanted to upvote this mod

  • I love this mod

    awesome amazing ultimate for dream speedruns would be happy! I love speedruns with or without seed it's cool the time flows you have to be quick and the types of speedruns are incredible but will you add other speedruns