MineClone 2

A survival sandbox game (work in progress!). Survive, gather, hunt, build, explore, and do much more. An imitation of Minecraft.


MineClone 2 is a survival sandbox game that is still a work in progress. Survive, gather, hunt, mine for ores, build houses, explore, and do much more. The goal of this project is to create a free clone (or imitation) of Minecraft. See forum topic for details.



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  • heres some request for updates

    -update nether(fortress,bastion,piglin,hoglin,etc. -PLS put more animals in the game(pandas,fox,bees) -put a new ore(not necessary netherite -update villagers and put raids(ravager and illager) -put crossbow and trident in the game -make shulker box alble to stcik at walls and thats all i had in mind thx :)


  • Albeit with some problems, this game is already pretty polished

    Despite still having some issues undergoing development (please report bugs, devs can't test em' all), the core gameplay loop is enough to have fun with casual survival. The 0.72 release should further polish some of the existing mechanics.

    For more technical players with redstone obsession, then i must warn you that the redstone system is currently borrowed from mesecons as of this review. What this mean is that you'll have to throw away some redstone knowledge from m*necraft either because of incomplete redstone implementation or not implementing redstone bugs (don't expect broken stuff like TNT duping haha). On the other hand, the redstone system is quite fun to mess around, and indeed prove to be useful to create farms and utilities. To get started, i recommend you try to relearn how everything works while keeping in mind how m*necraft's redstone work.


  • Great game!

    The best game for Minetest. And with the future version 0.72, this game will begins to be modder friendly. Great.


  • Best alternative to minecraft

    Wow, which cool game. The best minecraft alternative! Now with the 0.69.0 update come xp which make this game better then it is! Really really cool!


  • The best minecraft *clone* for the open source game minetest

    When u like minecraft and want the environment and feeling of his big brother (minecraft) u should try out this (sub-)game. This (sub-)game is for beginner(s) the best choice.


  • Wonderful Game!

    I absolutely love this game. Its so close to minecraft that I can just use minecraft tutorials for it. There are a few discrepancies (soul sand not pushing you up in water and observer refresh time), but other than that a perfect clone of minecraft. Thank you so much for making!


  • Absolutely worthy of at least a try

    I registered here and on forums just to write this comment. You are doing an amasing job with this mod! It feels so fluent what i even forgot about a different menus and keybindings and lowkey enjoy it. This game grasps the feel of Minecraft wery well. Although i only play survival here, i still love it with all my heart. Keep up the outstanding work.


  • Alguien me dice el mod que hace que las armas y herramientas se vean mas grandes?

    Alguien me dice el mod que hace que las armas y herramientas se vean mas grandes?


  • Very polished game

    Probably the best free MineCraft clone available for Minetest (only notable contestant is Crafter).