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How do I install this?

Item Repair V1.0 Inital

Repair multiple items with ease.

What's in the box


  1. Get this repo!
  2. Drop this directory/repo into your Minetest mods folder.
  3. Edit settings.lua to your liking.
  4. Add load_mod_item_repair = true to your worlds file.
  5. Enjoy the mod.

A note about logging

This mod can dump a lot of information out to your log file (debug.txt).

Please turn off the following settings like so, below:

item_repair_settings.log_production = false
item_repair_settings.log_deep = false


Yes most of this code, it's formspecs, and it's images were taken from my other mod item_replicator.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Crafting

    I think the crafting recipy is a bit simple and cheap compared to what this machine is able to do especially with the potential of having more mods installed which have tools that benefit greatly from this repair machine.

    However this being said after customizing it a bit i greatly enjoy this mod (crafting wise, the other bits are very alien to me to this day).

  • very good

    but this mod must be in vanilla on minecraft because it's just great it's cool to be able to repair the elytra or even the netherite sword it's great