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Item Replicator

Replicate items with ease.

What's in the box


This is only for versions of my mod older than 1.2 (1.2 excluded)

This mod does "work" with MineClone2. (However there is a graphical issue in the formspec which adds some difficulty in navigation)


  1. Get this repo! (Or mod)
  2. Drop this directory/repo into your Minetest mods folder.
  3. Edit settings.lua to your liking.
  4. Add load_mod_item_replicator = true to your worlds world .mt file.
  5. Enjoy the mod.

A note about logging

This mod can dump a lot of information out to your log file (debug.txt).

Please turn off the following settings like so, below:

item_replicator_settings.log_api = false
item_replicator_settings.log_production = false -- Only turn this one off if really needed
item_replicator_settings.log_deep = false

A note about items

This mod tracks a lot of information about items.

From it's itemstring to it's amount produced per process, or even the time between processes.

It may be easier for your server to simply run with allow_unknown to be true (on).

This will simply use the other settings below that (unknown_item_time, unknown_item_amount) when it encounters an unknown item.

Or for those who wish to better my mod and the community using it, please consider making a Pull Request with your additions/changes. (See mod_support.lua for further details)

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