An area container is a node that contains an area. You can enter this area and build stuff inside. An area container can be used as a compact machine. Items can pass in and out through Pipeworks tubes. Digiline messages can pass through the digiline node on the floor of the inside chamber (this node isn't shown in the screenshot.) The tube ports can also conduct mesecons signals, providing another method of communication. As you can see from the optional dependencies, none of these mod integrations are necessary to use this mod.


  • While a container is not diggable until you empty it of nodes and objects, other mods may let you pick it up in order to move it. Doing so will probably lead to loss of the contents. (But you can push containers with pistons, and teleporter_tool will work.)
  • You cannot yet pass a mesecons signal from one port to another with no delay inbetween due to this bug in Mesecons. Other related issues may exist.
  • Only up to 65535 containers may exist at any one time.


The container can be crafted in Minetest Game or MineClone 2.

Minetest Game:


s = steel ingot
S = steel block
M = mese block

MineClone 2:


I = iron block
D = diamond
r = redstone dust


This mod has a few settings. Here are the important ones:

  • "Enable crafts": Let people craft containers (and maybe other items in the future.) This is true by default.
  • "Wall light": The light emitted by the container walls, from 0 (none) to 14 (maximum.) The default is 14.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • 5/5 Stars, An amazing concept so easily done

    I love the fact I can make a storage room in one of these, this keeps my homes small rather than big and bloated because of all the chests that I end up using.

    This mod + pipeworks + drawers = best storage system ever.


  • woooow!

    one of the best mods ever!!! it works like a microchip,now you dont have to build large,ugly structures for mesecon systems anymore!! :DDD