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Adds various knives with extreme damage


  • Steel (10 Damage)
  • Bronze (15 Damage)
  • Mese (17 Damage)
  • Diamond (20 Damage)

Power Mode

Each knife supports Power Mode, it essentially doubles the damage dealt making it quite useful for one swing kills.

While it doubles the damage it only has 1 use durability (this means it breaks on use)


  • Optional setting for if knives can be crafted (Supports default Minetest Game (MTG) and MineClone (MCL) games)
  • Optional setting for if knives can enter Power Mode (Power Mode is currently a toggled state, and a player chooses if they want power mode or not)


All knife textures are from default Minetest Game (MTG) thus CC-BY-SA-3.0

Looks just like default's swords, just modified to be short, where "powered" adds a yellow tint around the texture

See LICENSE for more information on texture license.

TLDR; BlockMen (CC BY-SA 3.0): default_tool_*.png (which has been renamed and modifed for knives_*.png which includes knives_*_pwr.png)



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