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Deprecated: this package doesn't reach the minimum content requirement, but has been kept on CDB anyway because it's a gamejam entry

Unfortunately, this ended up very unfinished. Time management is a bitch, right? Anyways, to play, move the map file from the game folder into your your worlds folder and use that.

KNOWN ISSUES I DIDNT HAVE TIME TO FIX - Junctions don't work - Turrets don't work - Enemies spawn, but don't attack or get damaged. Instant-kill from punching

STUFF THAT DOES WORK - Resources - Cool custom hud - Mining and conveyoring ores into the inputs



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  • Good graphics but confusing

    I understand that it was made for a jam and the author might have not had the time to clean it up, but having to manually move the map into a world folder can't be ignored - as who plays is not expected to read the description here on CDB. A soundtrack would have helped a lot to convey the right atmosphere, and in general I wasn't able to understand how to play (I couldn't place anything). Too bad, because I think this game has potential, so I really hope to see the author polish it!

  • Pretty World, But No Game

    The world is really pretty and the game looks like it might be fun if it was functional, but as far as I can tell it is totally non-functional.

  • Very broken but could be cool if fixed

    I got really confused with the map stuff: I copied the map into the world folder and got two other in the menu (named "game test" and "test"). I could open the first one but not play. The game looks nice but it's not finished yet. I hope it will be playable later because I would like to try it.

  • Has potential

    Looks like a good remake of Mindustry.

    Just wish the author could continue development after the gamejam or at least get some help to further develop a cool game.

  • It's broken. I wish it weren't broken because it looks super cool.

    • Needing to manually copy the map was a major minus. The map should be loaded via minetest schematics at worldgen. (for future readers, it's cp .minetest/games/lexa/map/ .minetest/worlds/lexa_map/ ).
    • Once you've copied the map over, it looks good.
    • The custom ui looks super neat and I love the AI pathfinding.
    • The graphics I was able to see all look stunning.
    • Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the game. The building and mining part of the game don't seem to work. I was able to place a few converyor belts right at spawn, but nothing else works. It's clear that you put a lot of effort into this game and I'm super disappointed that it's unplayable. I'd love to see all the bugs ironed out and actually play a few levels of this.
  • Broken

    PLEASE NOTE: This review is written for the 2021 Minetest Game Jam version of this game, by a PARTICIPANT. I used Minetest version 5.4.1 to playtest.

    Unfortunately, this game for me is broken and unplayable. You spawn in an empty world and fall down. You can't do anything. The game starts with two warnings. Sorry, this is all I can say. :-( Maybe I will look again at it later, when the post-jam version has been fixed.



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