A mod that adds an api for cars, planes, and other vehicles.


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A mod that adds an api for cars, planes, and other vehicles. Several vehicles are included in the mod.



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  • Good mod but with a bug in multiplayer

    Hi, I don't know if this is normal but I've been playing multiplayer for Lego city undercover Minetest (a game I'm currently doing, by the way a small army of new vehicles would be cool) but I've noticed that in multiplayer when 1 person is driving in a vehicle and a 2nd person is driving the vehicles become very slow, (basically I wanted to race but we were very slow when we were driving at the same time) is that normal?

    But otherwise very very good mod

  • Trash code quality

    While your mod's appearance is good, the code quality is more important then anything else, especially on a potato server. The mod have thaes critical problems * uses minetest.after instead of entity steps to delete timed out missiles * place vehicles without logging * using hardcoded value instead of configuration value to switch default vehicles on/off * Overall, you should not install this mod on your new server, find some alternatives instead.

  • Fun to drive with

    This was one of the first mods I tried when I was new to Minetest. However basic the cars are, and unrealistic the physics are, they still feel good to drive and it's fun to drive around on roads you've built in worlds.


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