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mywalls minetest mod


Adds more wall types for walls mod from minetest_game.

Walls mod comes with Minetest Game. It includes only 3 types of walls.

This mod extends it to include 19 more types.
All walls are added into the walls mod namespace and use its API.


Included in this mod walls are:

  • wall for "default:brick"
  • walls for:
    • "default:sandstone"
    • "default:sandstonebrick"
    • "default:sandstone_block"
  • walls for:
    • "default:stone"
    • "default:stonebrick"
    • "default:stone_block"
  • walls for:
    • "default:desert_stone"
    • "default:desert_stonebrick"
    • "default:desert_stone_block"
  • walls for:
    • "default:desert_sandstone"
    • "default:desert_sandstone_brick"
    • "default:desert_sandstone_block"
  • walls for:
    • "default:silver_sandstone"
    • "default:silver_sandstone_brick"
    • "default:silver_sandstone_block"
  • walls for:
    • "default:obsidian"
    • "default:obsidian_brick"
    • "default:obsidian_block"



Do you recommend this mod?

  • It gives you... All the walls

    Previously, this mod only contained a limited set of additional walls, however as of recently it has been updated to add wall variants for every stone-like node in Minetest Game, surpassing the walls_all mod. In general, it's a good mod if you want to expand the selection of wall nodes in your builds.