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  • This is not a game, it's bad advertising and it's constraining

    If the game was called "Minetest Modding Base", "Minetest Core" or whatever, and people were warned it's just a base, it'd be fine. But it's not: Minetest Game is the greatest factor pushing new players away, as it's shipped by default with Minetest, having people thinking it's Minetest itself.

    Every time I have someone downloading Minetest - and I'd like to stretch every time - I have to warn them to NOT play in singleplayer, at least not without having downloaded something from ContentDB first. This because, what people expect from a game/engine which resembles MineCRAFT starting by its very name, is to play a MineCRAFT clone by default. So wait: no monsters. No nether. No villagers. No blocks dropped. No challenge. NO GOALS. Hence the uninstalling and the very bad first impression. As I stated multiple times, this is very very very bad advertising. I don't have data, but if I had to guess how many people uninstalled MT after the first experience into a MTG world, it'd be a lot.

    Also, I understand MT actually was born as a game, but that idea evidently failed, because this is NOT a game, this is THE FOUNDATION to create a very specific game (Minecraft, which afaik it was the initial goal). This is "create your personal Minecraft without sweating too much... kinda". So, if some developers keep denying that Minetest and Minecraft are the same (paramat actually called it Minecraft-like), this should be at least not be shipped by default. Because the more it gets shipped by default, the more likely modders will create mods depending on it, rooting it into the status quo even more, creating more bad advertising and pushing away more potential players.

    And in all honesty, we don't need another Minecraft: pragmatically speaking, people nowadays are not taught the difference between proprietary and free software in school, and definitely it's not a hot topic in general.


  • Meh.

    This game is decent but nobody plays this without mods, only download this if you are a dev or a person who plays with lots of mods!

  • good ol' minetest_game

    No objective. Nothing interesting in the game that could become an objective. No threats to the player other than the player himself. No mobs. Almost no audio. Combat is just clicking things.

    Created by cargo-culting all the design decisions of Minecraft, but not executing them as well, this game is bound to bore you to death. Mine ores, make blocks out of them. Make huge ghost towns where the only interesting thing to do is to find the tallest building, climb it, then jump from it to your death. You can also pick some flowers, farm some cotton and make crude sprites. Or you could write expletives on wooden signs. So much fun! Travel vast landscapes while thinking of all the cool things you would do in them, if they were implemented. Explore dark dungeons for treasures such as: used shovel, a few cotton strings, some old apples and a bar of iron. Don't worry, nobody is guarding that anyway. If you're feeling really adventurous, you can duel another player to the death. Your fate will then be decided by how many apples you are carrying, and how fast you can devour them while rapidly clicking the other guy.

    You could say it's a modding base, but it's hard for mods to improve something that has almost no base gameplay. You can install as many mods as you like, but it will always feel like something important is missing. There isn't enough of a game in this to set a bar for quality, or a solid direction, so the mods will never fit one another too well.

    It might be possible to get an okay-ish experience playing on a small server ran by someone with taste, but most servers for this are giant boring malls, overloaded with ill-fitting content, and usually just being an excuse for the admin to show off his creative mode builds.

    That said, if you are planning to code something better, you should still have a copy of minetest_game at hand - just in case you need some example code for a feature that isn't too well documented.

  • maybe good moding base

    Great since a lot of mods support it, makes for a very customizable game play. however perhaps it could be better suited for a modding base by just providing apis

  • Average

    The thing is why I'm giving this rating average is it's too simple and boring. Even Minecraft is more interesting that this. I know it's very well useful for modding and really lightweight so It's also useful for making other mini-games. If I don't want to mod for MTG, I should at least be able to uninstall it and free the disk space which I don't use. It is ridiculous when you can't uninstall something usless from your device.

  • Vanilla

    Some might consider vanilla ice cream as "plain" or "lacking" but true vanilla ice cream is made with a rare spice that is wonderfully balanced in a way that is uniquely pleasurable while being harmonious with many other flavors. Minetest Game (MTG) is very much analogous to this, lending itself as a base for many mods or a testing platform. One can find much pleasure in simply exploring landscapes, hiking about picking mushrooms, lazily boating the calm waters or delving dark and often dangerously precipitous caves!

  • boring. can be used only as a modding base

    playing MTG without mods is boring. veeeeeeery boring.

    mobs? no. electricity (mesecons)? no. farming (with something else than boring cotton and wheat)? NO. armor? monsters? maybe at least nyan cats? NO. NO! NO!!!


  • Loved to play it and it makes a great starting point

    While I understand some people frustration from the fact that Minetest Game is monotous, it serves a pourpose indeed: it is that it is more of exploration, construction and a peacefull mode of gameplay rather than the actual survival one.

    Rebranding as Minetest Creative could eventually fix it. The fact that it lacks the survival experience indeed pushes away a lot of people, but this is trivially fixed by browsing Content DB. Perhaps some invite to do so at the home page of the menu could be more interesting so the popularity ranks by Content DB could fix the push-back somehwat easily.

    It does also serves as a base to invite you to mod it. To me the fact it lacks stuff made me into the whole modding part so it is a good thing from that perspective.

    Overall, I like the concept, idea and implementation!

  • Great modding base

    Minetest Game provides a solid yet playable modding base.

  • Great as a mod base, nice and simple

    Mods are a must if you're looking to play this

    EDIT: Changed rating to negative because there are some games below this in ranking that deserve to be above it

  • Most stable and best maintained game for the Minetest engine

    The only bad thing is that it will get boring very soon. Some animals, rain and snow and also some more enviroment sounds (crickets in the night, wind, birds, water dripping in caves or something) would gain the immersion and the motivation to play longer.

    Give it a try for yourself and ignore the negative votes here! ;)

    For advanced mtg players, but still new to minetest players, I recommend to add some mods that do the things I wrote about.

  • It's nicer then minecraft as modder

    You have in mtg more freedom than in minecraft in fall mods. Thank you for no Overmodify!

  • classic

    its the classic minetest. i really like it! but without mods its a bit,boring.

  • Basically just the default pack

    I have actually found a use for this one.

    Let's say you've accidentally deleted the "Minetest Game" that comes pre-packaged, then this will be useful as a replacement for that. Essentially a way to fix a broken package

  • Best Game for Minetest Ever

    And Period.