Elepower is a new technology modpack currently in development. The mod is currently in alpha and is nowhere near complete.

This mod does not work below Minetest 5.0.0+! You have been warned.

Some features

  • Power and fluid transfer
  • Ore doubling mechanics (Pulverizer + Furnace)
  • Automatic farms (Planter + Harvester)
  • High crafting complexity for crafting lovers
  • A sawmill that gives 6 planks instead of 4 per log!
  • Nuclear Power (Both fission and fusion reactors)
  • Toggle your automation on and off using Mesecons
  • Seeds and other farming produce can be turned into power via Biofuel
  • Gases and (unrealistic, sorry chem nerds!) chemical reactions/processes
  • A mining machine to get an endless supply of ores, as long as you have power!
  • A bunch of materials and derived crafting components you can use in your own mods!
  • Machine usage help available from both craftguide and unified_inventory!
  • ..and a lot more planned!



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