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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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Elepower is a new technology modpack currently in development. The mod is currently in alpha and is nowhere near complete.

This mod does not work below Minetest 5.0.0+! You have been warned.

Some features

  • Power and fluid transfer
  • Ore doubling mechanics (Pulverizer + Furnace)
  • Automatic farms (Planter + Harvester)
  • High crafting complexity for crafting lovers
  • A sawmill that gives 6 planks instead of 4 per log!
  • Nuclear Power (Both fission and fusion reactors)
  • Toggle your automation on and off using Mesecons
  • Seeds and other farming produce can be turned into power via Biofuel
  • Gases and (unrealistic, sorry chem nerds!) chemical reactions/processes
  • A mining machine to get an endless supply of ores, as long as you have power!
  • A bunch of materials and derived crafting components you can use in your own mods!
  • Machine usage help available from both craftguide and unified_inventory!
  • ..and a lot more planned!



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Alpha 20

    I really like this mod, it provides power outside of the concept of mesecon/redstone. ie pure electrical power. IcyDiamond has stopped work on this mod about 18months ago however I've picked it up and applied some fix's improvments hopefully in the direction Icy wanted. I've forked this to github and done a new alpha release if you wish to give it a try:

  • Good mod pack :)

    Hello, this modpack is so cool and I am very reccomed to dowload it! I love this technic modpack, here's a lot of technic! But here's a one problem - I think Elepower need more tutorials like a how to start with elepower or other elepower stuff tutorials. -ElektroSokas77


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