Advanced Trains

Adds good-looking, realistic trains with realistic rails. !! When updating, install basic_trains !!

Machines / Electronics Transport

Update 2.3.0: The modpack no longer contains trains. Please install Basic Trains to get them back! Update 2.3.1: The issue with the save files on windows has been mitigated as far as possible. See the release notes

This mod features realistic trains and various equipment for railways, with a focus on automated train operation.

Main features:

  • Almost-realistic tracks with actual curves and switches
  • Railway signals, controllable by various means
  • ATC: Simple, command-like automatic train control
  • LuaATC: Powerful Lua-scripted automatic train operation(requires some programming knowledge)*
  • An Interlocking system, featuring track sections, routes and automatic stopping before signals

Please note that the base modpack does not include any trains. Please see the Train Catalogue

General user manual

Guide for the interlocking system




Do you recommend this mod?

  • Mod Critiscisim

    this mod is amazing. i have spent ~2 years poking it, coming from being an absolute noob to where i am (still kinda nooby). its very complex. it allows my mind to enjoy trains, without spending long hours at the local station, watching them fly by.


  • A good advanced and complex mod

    This mod has a very realistic trains with a complex interlocking system. I'm learning about the interlocking to make it efficient.


  • Highly Sophisticated train simulation

    This mod provides an extremely sophisticated and complex train simulation, which is able to simulate pretty much all aspects of train operations: signaling, shunting, timetables, loading/unloading, etc. You can easily buildvery large train networks with this mod on your server.