Advanced Trains

Adds good-looking, realistic trains with realistic rails.

Machines / Electronics Transport

****This mod features realistic trains and various equipment for railways, with a focus on automated train operation.

Main features:

  • A small selection of different trains (passenger and goods trains) (see also "Extensions")
  • Almost-realistic tracks with actual curves and switches
  • Railway signals, controllable by various means
  • ATC: Simple, command-like automatic train control
  • LuaATC: Powerful Lua-scripted automatic train operation(requires some programming knowledge)*
  • An Interlocking system, featuring track sections, routes and automatic stopping before signals

General user manual

Guide for the interlocking system




Do you recommend this mod?

  • A good advanced and complex mod

    This mod has a very realistic trains with a complex interlocking system. I'm learning about the interlocking to make it efficient.


  • Highly Sophisticated train simulation

    This mod provides an extremely sophisticated and complex train simulation, which is able to simulate pretty much all aspects of train operations: signaling, shunting, timetables, loading/unloading, etc. You can easily buildvery large train networks with this mod on your server.