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  • Love the attention to detail and wide variety of biomes & trees.

    I love this mod. So much attention to detail and wide variety of biomes & trees. The variety of fruits is cool too. My only complaint is the harshness of the orange textures.
    Try these changes to nodes.lua and let me know what you think: Make it a softer dustier orange. minetest.register_node("australia:red_dirt", { description = "Red Dirt", --tiles = {"aus_red_dirt.png"}, tiles = {"default_dirt.png^[colorize:sienna:175^[colorize:red:40"}, groups = {crumbly=3,soil=1}, sounds = default.node_sound_dirt_defaults(), })

    minetest.register_node("australia:red_sand", { description = "Red Sand", --tiles = {"aus_red_sand.png"}, tiles = {"default_sand.png^[colorize:sienna:175^[colorize:red:40"}, groups = {crumbly=3, falling_node=1, sand=1}, sounds = default.node_sound_sand_defaults(), })

    minetest.register_node("australia:red_gravel", { description = "Red Gravel", --tiles = {"aus_red_gravel.png"}, tiles = {"default_gravel.png^[colorize:sienna:175^[colorize:red:40"}, --tiles = {"aus_red_gravel.png^[colorize:sienna:75^[colorize:red:30"}, groups = {crumbly=2, falling_node=1}, sounds = default.node_sound_dirt_defaults({ footstep = {name="default_gravel_footstep", gain=0.5}, dug = {name="default_gravel_footstep", gain=1.0}, }), })

  • stunning

    A number of harsh but beautiful biomes in a bundle. Yes it could use some animals and ambient sounds, but mostly

    please make it translatable?

  • Truly beautiful

    The nice real life minetest mod. Anyone who tries this can fall in love with this. It is amazing. Just one request to add some creatures to the game like kangaroo using mobkit and mob_core. And some tribal people who inhabit biomes with a new api.


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