Minecart by joe7575

A minecart running through unloaded areas


Minecart is based on carts, which is based almost entirely on the mod boost_cart [1], which itself is based on (and fully compatible with) the carts mod [2].

Original Features

New Features

Use Case

The main use of the Minecart is for item transport from mines to warehouses, ideally by means of an automation mod like Signs Bot.

How to use

  1. Place your rails and build a route with two ends. Junctions are allowed as long as each route has its own start and end point.
  2. Place a Railway Buffer at both ends.
  3. Protect your rails with the Protection Landmarks (one Landmark at least every 16 blocks)
  4. Drive the route in both directions (route recording), starting at the Railway Buffers.
  5. Now you can drop items into the Minecart and punch the cart to get started.
  6. Sneak+click the cart to get the items back
  7. Dig the empty cart with a second sneak+Click (as usual).