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TechPack is a collection of following Mods:

  • tubelib, a Mod for item exchange via lumber tubes and wireless message communication between machines
  • tubelib_addons1, a Tubelib extension with mining, farming, and crafting machines
  • tubelib_addons2, a Tubelib extension with logic/control blocks
  • gravelsieve, an extension to sieve ores from gravel
  • smartline, an extension with small and smart sensors, actors and controllers to fully automate your machines, including a Lua controller

A TechPack Tutorial is available as Wiki

TechPack is a collection of mods for an automated mining, crafting, and farming. It is no replacement for Pipeworks, Mesecons, Technic, and Co., but it is a lightweight and server friendly alternative.

You have to install the following mods in addition:



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Good mod except for the gravel sieve

    [edit] Now the issue has been fixed, thanks to joe7575. As a suggestion I would say that it might be a good idea to add this solution in the help documentation.

    The solution is: change the line:

    local PROBABILITY_FACTOR = tonumber(minetest.settings:get("gravelsieve_probability_factor")) or 3


    local PROBABILITY_FACTOR = tonumber(minetest.settings:get("gravelsieve_probability_factor")) or 20

    [old review] Everything in this mod works good and as expected, but the gravel sieve (says it eleviates mining so much) actuall makes your ore drop rates become about 10-20x more rare and you end up having to mine anyway just to get baseline number of ores.

    Other than that everything else works fine.

  • My favorite technic-style system

    I have played minetest for about 3 years now, and truly appreicate how fun automation is with techpack. It's compact and doesn't kill server performance. Highly Recommended.


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