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Parkour Game for Minetest!

Our goal

  1. Make everything simple
  2. Let our players enjoy our game
  3. And of couse... Money prizes!

File structures

  • Mods startred by pkr_ are only for parkour game.
  • The only exception is pkr_nodes, you can use it anywhere, but all nodes are only decorations outside of this game. This feature can be used to make levels.
  • Other mods are designed as APIs, and can be extraced to be a standalone mod.



Do you recommend this game?

  • More than just Parkour!

    It's more than parkour, thank goodness!

    It's got puzzles, and text, and..... oof only a few levels.

    Hey good enough for me, now we have a game we can hopefully make specifcally parkour things for, thank you!

    Suggestions on next moves:

    1. Change the player physics further
    2. Introduce moving platforms
    3. Make some nodes work by being in range rather than click trigger
    4. Make an easy to use api and level api/menu!

    Overall: Nothing amazing or out of left field here, but definitely gets the ball rolling!

  • Well suited for a minigame, but not sure about a whole game

    Game is simple to grasp, but there is no way to go back up in case you fall down. That's a huge problem, which is mainly why my vote is negative.
    In general, it was ok and the icons on the blocks were pretty clean and straightforward. My suggestion is to convert it into a minigame to feature inside a bigger project (whether it's singleplayer or online) rather than have it as a stand-alone one.
    Last but not least, the inventory could have been removed, and instructions could have been made more visible (MT chat quality is... debatable)

  • Simple and beautiful

    As simple as this gameplay is as beautiful I find the textures (admittedly a matter of taste). I like that there are new nodes introduced almost in every level which makes you want to know what comes next. The short command aliases are very convenient too.

  • Feels like a tutorial for a game rather than a game

    All the levels really do is introduce different parts of the game. I feel it never really gets to the actual content. None of the levels are difficult in the slightest. The features implemented in the game are cool and promising, but currently there are some issues with them, for example, locks and the end goal can be activated from mid-air from a surprisingly large distance, which creates tons of skips. Also, having to manually restart the level is not very user friendly.

    Overall, there's a lot of potential with all the parkour blocks already in the game. All this game needs to be really good are cool levels that utilize these but it never gets to that.

  • 2 ez

    bruh make the game harder i can beat it in 52 seconds

  • Nice Game!

    I like this game very much. I would be happy about further levels. My playthrough:

  • Working platforming game

    As far as i can judge (I am not very good at platforming), the game works. It could use a restart button because i had to supress and recreate the world to start again when I failed.

  • Easy to Get Stuck

    I beat the first level, but then I fell on the second and apparently soft-locked the game. The floor should probably instantly kill the player.

    I would not recommend this game because it’s easy to get stuck.

  • Poor at guiding, lacklustre presentation

    I wanted to enjoy some good movement mechanics and a well-guided experience. Instead I landed on the floor and had no idea how to get back up. There was no mention that it has to be done through a command, not on the ContentDB page, not in the game's root directory README ; instead I just granted myself fly and flew up to the start point again.

    The lack of inclusion of a sprint mod lets it down; I don't see why it wasn't included, it's an important part of other block game parkours, and there is no issue with server lag if it's just as singleplayer game. I won't blame this game's developer for the changes to bouncy blocks, where they used to be much more fun but were changed to limit the jump height somewhere in the Minetest 5.x series.

    The fact that some of the diggable blocks drop themselves and others don't was arbitrary and shouldn't have been done, especially when they look the same.

    Lack of sound also lets the game down. With footstep sounds and a sprint sound it could have been better. Including (toggleable) music could have also help and wouldn't have broken competition rules to include minetest_game footstep sounds and a Creative Commons music track as far as I know.

    Overall: A known-good idea for a game, but not implemented well enough as it is to recommend.

  • Not bad

    This game has good parkour levels. However, they are enough easy and short, but for easy game it is sufficient. The one downside that I found is it is impossible to restart the level when e.g. player has fallen down from the parkour blocks. It is possible to obtain only by a fly priviliege.

  • Good Start

    This game is a great base for a full parkour game that would definitely be popular. It has some rough edges like requiring a command to restart the level, but it was quite fun to play.

  • Simple short Pakour-Game

    It is a simple pakour game with simple textures but it's funny. Please add a reset item that you spawn again on beginning. And are really all textures by you?

    If i would give 6% of the gamerating: 0.5/1 for the idea -- The idea can everybody have but don't have. 1.5/2 for the textures -- the texture are really simple and inspired by void 2.5/3 for the play --resetitem or similar i missed but eles was all cool. /restart take time to type in chat 4.5/6 in total. I recommend the game

  • Too few features and content

    PLEASE NOTE: This review is written for the 2021 Minetest Game Jam version of this game, by a PARTICIPANT. I used Minetest version 5.4.1 to playtest.

    I appreciate this submission I like to see more parcour games in general, so thank you for that. :-)

    This one in particular is too basic and too abstract for my taste. In 3 weeks time, more levels and especially more interesting elements should have been possible. This feels like many of the classic parcour maps the Minetest community has seen over the years. So it fails to stand out. Parcour maps from Inside The Box are generally more engaging because of better graphics and soundtrack.

    The graphics … they are just too abstract for my taste. Or rather, to minimalist. Idk, it's not just something I like.

  • Pretty fun, needs music

    This game was played and rated in the Minetest GAME JAM LIVE (ep4): Note: rating system was changed a bit from ep1


    Rating System
    1 - Bad
    2 - Meh
    3 - Good
    4 - Great
    5 - Love it!
    Rating for Parkour
    Gameplay - 7/10
    Graphics - 3/5
    Player-Friendly - 3/5
    Performance - 5/5
    Sounds & Music - 1/5

    OVERALL: 19 (Great)


    Parkour was pretty awesome, but it really lacked music, and didn't even say how to restart. Luckily someone told me how to restart the level, but this should be the most important thing for a tutorial. Maybe add a message when you first join, saying how to restart, or when you touch the floor you restart. Hope you can fix/add this things, and I hope for more levels in the future!




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