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For Minetest 5.3 and above

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Important Notice

RPG16 us no longer actively supported. Merge Requests to fix content may be accepted, as long as they meet the basic quality and style criteria. However, no further active development should be expected. Use of this texture pack is no longer recommended as support will gradually fail when supported mods/games are updated

Game Support

The following games are supported:

  • Minetest Game

Mod Support

In addition to this game, the following mods are supported:

  • 3D Armor
  • Awards
  • Basic Grenades
  • Basic Materials
  • Caverealms
  • Darks
  • Email
  • Handholds
  • HBArmor
  • HBHunger
  • HBSprint
  • Hudbars
  • Lava Stuff
  • Magma Conduits
  • Minetest Wadsprint
  • Moon Phases
  • More Blocks
  • More Ores
  • More Trees
  • Multitools
  • Simple Shooter
  • Stamina

The following mods/games are deprecated. Textures from them remain for backwards-compatibility, but they are no longer supported:

  • (Game) Capture the Flag
  • (Game) Repixture
  • Baked Clay
  • Ethereal NG
  • Mobs Monster
  • Mobs Redo


For questions, requests, and other communications regarding this work, you can contact the original creator at



Do you recommend this texture pack?

  • That RPG Maker XP vibe

    I'm very glad to have found a texture pack with a solid style like RPG16. I'd probably improve something here and there, but overall it's definitely a must for people trying to portray their world into an RPG adventure. Also, +1 for the RPG maker XP vibe and +1 for the wide range of packages supported :)

  • Not my favourite, but really nice!

    The RPG16 texture pack features a lovely and consistent style and not only delivers what was advertised, but exceeds my expectations (set by most other texture packs) in several ways.

    Each texture looks purpose-made – for example, the icons for similar tools are not just recolorings.

    Caveat: Textures look both brighter and a bit less saturated than in most other texture packs.

    The brightness is why this texture pack is not my default texture pack; I find it too joyful.

  • Nailed the RPG feel

    Remarkable texture pack- I've enjoyed this one for a long time because of it's consistency, beauty, and its support for so many mods, including ethereal, moretrees, and moreblocks, mods that I often come in contact with. Every single texture fits right into the style and makes a wonderful atmosphere.

  • I like this

    On top of nailing the RPG vibe, I find the art style soothing and very easy on the eyes.

    Also works fine on low end toasters if you want a change of pace for game art without worrying about weak integrated chipsets dying if you have an old laptop.

  • Consistent style, good mod support

    The style of RPG16 is completely unique. Nothing looks the same as with the plain old MTG textures; worlds get an entirely different feeling to them. RPG16 manages to work with, not against the engine, unlike certain high-res texture packs. It also provides great visuals for mod screenshots.

  • doesnt meet expectations, it surpasses them

    it really makes you feel that you are playing a retro rpg game, it basically supports the mods that are known for adding a lot of nodes (like ethereal ng, moreblocks/ores, more trees) and if that wasnt enough, it doesnt only add its touch to the weapons, it adds an unique texture for each tier of armor.

  • Fantastic (fantasy) all-arounder with great mod support

    This is probably one of the best texture packs in Minetest. It has a unified theme and feel that really makes Minetest feel like a classic JRPG. The fact that it has pretty wide mod support is the cherry on top.

    Hands down has the best textures for armour out of any Minetest game - each set looks like a real set of armour with a distinct style and flavour. If you're designing armour for your own texture pack or mod, this is the standard you should aspire to meet.

    Even if you don't want to play with the full texture pack, the 3d_armor and other components are modular enough that you can even make a remix for your personal use by dragging their sub folders into your desired texture pack. But then again, if you do that you'll miss out on the rest of this great texture pack.

  • Very much yes.

    It is good and has nice grafics and stuff because it is cool and 3d looking or something like that

  • Very good mod support

    Really fancy!


    the textures are very good, especially the water textures and give a touch of rpg style to the game, so it complies with what the pack says, but please... the purple stones makes it a bit psychedelic .

  • I like it

    I wish it didn't stop development though

  • A cool one

    Your texture pack is the coolest of all that I have currently seen.

  • A very good texture pack

    Near all mtg textures done and a huge amount of supported mods.

  • Beautiful

    This is my favourite texture pack, it looks good and has a wide range of support