A simple texturepack reminiscent of classic RPGs


A simple texturepack reminiscent of classic RPGs.

Game Support

The following games are supported:

  • Ctf
  • Minetest Game
  • Repixture

Mod Support

The following mods are supported:

  • Awards
  • Baked Clay
  • Caverealms
  • Email
  • Ethereal NG
  • Handholds
  • HBArmor
  • HBHunger
  • HBSprint
  • Hudbars
  • Lava Stuff
  • Magma Conduits
  • Minetest Wadsprint
  • Mobs Monster
  • Mobs Redo
  • More Blocks
  • More Ores
  • More Trees
  • Multitools
  • Simple Shooter
  • Stamina


For questions, requests, and other communications regarding this work, you can contact the original creator at hugues.ross@gmail.com or open an issue on Gitlab.

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