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In the Fog

NOTICE: This is a WIP mod. Bugs and crashes are expected.

This mod is more focused towards singleplayer. Multiplayer is functional, but there might be possible bugs not found in singleplayer.


Herobrine has entered Minetest. Beware.

Inspired from: From the Fog Github and Calvin's From the Fog Series.

Getting Started

Do /herobrine help for some special commands. You might need herobrine_admin for some commands.



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  • With this mod you will never feel alone again

    I havent seen him yet but a door opened in front of me, i heard footsteps nearby and a spooky sound in a cave entrance. I suggest adding as a feature the chance of herobrine breaking torches you've placed like in the minecraft mod. After a few days he appeared when a loud sound played, since then he began appearing and each time loud ambiance would play. If you are somebody playing the mod i recommend disabling the ambience part of it or replacing the sound files with something more subtle and less loud like i ended up doing (these ones). I considered disabling it but sometimes you need to know where he is to not run into him and get too close. He appears very often, at least twice a day and once a night, from a distance no bigger than 40 blocks, (maybe its tied to render distance, i dont know) and sometimes he will pop up right in front of your line of sight. He stays in place for a while, waching you and after a while he vanishes. Dont get too close to it