GridLess Craft

crafting grid replacement and better craftguide


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  • Good idea, poor performance

    This is the mod I was looking for. It's great that it shows crafts currently possible given a player's inventory contents.

    However, changing the output amount is terribly slow.

    Would love a setting to turn +1, +10 and +100 buttons off altogether.

  • Good mod! Especially for mobile.

    It would be nice if in addition to the buttons +1, +10, +100 you would add also -1, -10, -100 and a field to enter the exact number.

  • me like!

    I really like this take on a different crafting system. Gone is the default crafting grid, a cargo cult reimplementation of one of Minecraft's worst features that requires you to memorise recipes or look them up in the recipes book. It has been replaced with a selection of crafting options you can search through and select, and pressing on a button brings up the different recipes to pick between (if applicable) and the ability to craft either just one or many in bulk.

    What I especially like about this is that it hooks into the regular minetest.register_craft function and reads all the regular crafting recipes that get registered, so this could be used as a drop-in replacement that is compatible with all mods that use the regular Minetest crafting system. And of course it can also be dropped in as part of a game without having to change existing crafting recipes, which is what I'm personally using it for.