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skyblock game BASED on crafting. no quest cringe! bonemeal go brrrr


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Skyblock based on Minetest Game. Build the ultimate factory from nothing but a single tree! Unlike other skyblock mods, it's progression system does not revolve around completing quests and instead is based on crafting (in fact, the only thing i added myself is crafting and cooking recipes). Made to prove a point that minetest skyblocks don't have to have cancerous quest-based progression systems to work.



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  • You have to be able to know how to duplicate your one brain cell

    To start of, I'm guy who played minecraft for the fun of redstone creations and experimenting with them. Ever since I got a new laptop, minecraft was too resource heavy. I switched to MineTest for the sole purpose of sheer amount of mods and less resource intensive on my laptop. This was about a year ago. Ever since then, I've been playing on and off from servers due to lag issues, lack of right mods, and filled with players who don't even have the ability to duplicate their one brain cell. I was an avid skyblock players in minecraft and I've been in search of the right skyblock since. For unknown reason, this popped up at the right time, and I am actually glad it did because this is how skyblock is supposed to be designed.

    The purpose of SkyBlock is to go from 1 to 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 to infinity; start from one item to be able to craft every imaginable recipe you want; and because SkyBlock is in an empty space you want to have factories to automate your stuff. This does exactly that. But in order to have a factory of automation, you have to be able to know how to duplicate your one brain cell. Its all about mitosis/meiosis on a coding level. Granted to fully utilize this, I should probably learn Lua coding to be able to fully use Lua controllers to how I want it. But it is something that will come with time.

    But yeah, I do not see any recipes that are broken or cannot be obtained. Buckets is pretty easy to get, takes some level of skills though. You need to be able to work for multi-step process to obtain one specific starting resource before you can duplicate it. The challange is to be able to find out how to get there.

    Love the idea and most likely will be here for the long run. Thanks Kimapr (:

  • Nice start, looks promising, although time consuming

    The beginning can be quite a grind - expect a few hours of resource gathering and eyeballing the recipe guide for a path forward.

    Like pretty much all Skyblock games, your hand won't be held, so you have to follow the recipe guide and build a strategy on that. And oh, boy... it's not easy to begin with. But once you craft some resources, you can use quicker recipes to multiply them, which is welcome. In such cases, make sure you manage your inventory properly so you don't have to take the long path to getting more of some resource. :)

    I found 2 issues, one of them actually breaking the progression at this time. I filed bug reports in the issue tracker for both. The bad one is being unable to craft bronze ingots, which is an intermediary step towards getting a bucket, so you can later get water and lava. So right now making a cobblestone generator doesn't seem possible, and it took me a few hours to get here. :P Ooof, and I was actually close.

    Thanks for the game, I'll follow the updates and resume my progress once bronze will become available.

  • Not Quite the Skyblock I Used To Play, but Fun Nonetheless

    I've never really built a sky factory before, but so far this game has effectively communicated that if I'm getting tired of doing something one way, it's probably time to look for another method of grinding resources.

    I do have one major complaint thought: what's with the lack of a crafting grid? The crafting system as-is may be more user-friendly for beginners, but I hate having to go hunting through four pages for an icon that's blending in with all its buddies or else keep switching my hand between mouse and keyboard. When I get there, I'm doing extra clicks than feel nescessary. When I think about it critically, I realize this is an improvement over the Minetest default crafting behavior. Perhaps I am again hearing the call of the game telling me I'm doing it wrong, and should invest in my actual sky factory.

  • why do trees grow so slow

    bruh why cant i spam sneak to make trees grow faster

    anyways its pretty good tho

    leaves go fire🔥🔥

  • Cool game, would be more fun with mobs

    Skyblock is a challange I love a lot, but usually one of the big appeals of iti s the puzzle solving aspect of figuring out how to get an otherwise inaccessible resource through all sorts of cursed loot tables and reverse engineering.

    Skyblock maps are essentially a puzzlebox begging to be solved. This map lacks the mob spawns to loot which I do think is a bummer, but instead allows me to craft literally anything in the game available normally which I think is very cool.

    I will say though, it becomes very taxing as you progress into metals trying to remember all the base steps needed to do what you need to do to craft different materials when you're climbing up - as you still haven't entirely become independant of trees yet. But if I wasn't signing up for tedium I wouldn't be playing skyblock.

    This game is Skyblock boiled down to its purest form, absolute brutalism. Having nothing but a block and a tree is great. Love that aspect and think you did just right there.

  • haha skyblock go brrr

    Is there a way to get water?

    All the [Recipes] that can give anything from the set {water bucket, river water bucket, ice, snow, snow block} also require something from that set as an ingredient. I've tried both left-clicking and right-clicking on a [Dirt with Snow] with each of {empty hand, shovel, hoe, empty bucket, water can, river water can}. I'm not sure where else to look.

    (PS. I'm having fun. Thanks for making this ☺)

  • Fun Game

    I really like automation and skyblock games, so this is right up my alley. The early game is a grind, so strap youself in if you are going to play it.



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