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Note: For a working leaf decay (Disappearing of leaves after a trees trunk is chopped) I recommend to use this mod:

This mod adds 9 new biomes to your Minetest world:

  • Wet Savanna
  • Outback
  • Alder Swamp
  • Alpine
  • Beach
  • Bamboo Forest
  • Mediterranean
  • Heath
  • Bushland

It is designed for people who like survival gameplay and gives you the ability to craft new slabs, stairs and walls from the biomes plants and rocks, also a few new foods.

  • Update V1.1 - Should fix the errors with biome generation, saplings and tree growth
  • Update V1.2 - Missing recipes for walls added
  • Update V1.3 - Added Ethereal support/compatibility
  • Update V1.4 - Added the correct growth position of trees from saplings without deleting surrounding nodes. It also includes some little fixes, a new alpine biome cowberry bush and minimal texture changes.
  • Update V1.4 - Added heath biome, some more precise tree descriptions/names
  • Update V1.42 - Should fix the leaf decay problem thanks to the help of ShadMOrdre
  • Update V1.43 - Fixed cowberries and added dye crafting from flowers
  • Update V1.45 - Adds Bushland Biome
  • Update V1.47 - Adds doors and trapdoors



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Very Nice Biomes

    I really like the biomes that are added by this mod. They look good and appear to fit well with the default Minetest texture pack. The only issue I have experienced is tree leaves don't decay when the wood is mined. They just remain floating, which makes cleanup a bit of a chore. Other than that, I really like these biomes.

    UPDATE: Leaf blocks now decay with a recent update. Thank you!

  • Issue when used with other mods

    there is this glitch where the bioems generate but they appear just flat biomes without flora. what mod could be causing this let me know in the replies


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