Void - An empty game

The purpose of this game is to test mods in an absolutely “clean” environment with absolutely no “3rd-party” mods

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For Minetest 5.7 and above

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This game for Minetest was reduced to the bare minimum of files and configuration. It contains quite literally “nothing”. It registers no more items than the essentially needed nodes and the hand.

The game is not meant for playing (well, of course you can but there is nothing fun to do except digging the three essential nodes and placing them again). The purpose of this game is to test mods in an absolutely “clean” environment with absolutely no “3rd-party” mods or APIs provided by such mods.


Game Files

Some necessary game files are used.

  • game.conf – Sets the human-readable name of the game as per Minetest API
  • README.md – This document
  • LICENSE.txt – Licensing information for the whole game including all the mods
  • mods/void_essential – This mod adds essential things for properly running a map generator
  • mods/void_hand – This mod registers the “hand” tool for proper interaction with nodes (i.e. node breaking)

Void Essential Mod

The void_essential mod contains all that is needed for the map generator to create a usable world for testing mods. The following items and nodes are registered by that mod.

  • void_essential:stone aliased to mapgen_stone – This is an essential node used by map generators to generate the terrain. Without that node you would fall all the way down to the bottom of the world and could not place anything on ground, because there literally is no ground
  • void_essential:water_source aliased to mapgen_water_source – Same as with the stone node the water source is one of the essential nodes that are used by map generators to generate the terrain. Without this node, all bodies of water would not be existent. The registered node does not have ANY water properties. It does not spread out, you cannot swim in it, you cannot see through it. IT basically is just a node named “water”
  • void_essential:river_water_source aliased to mapgen_river_water_source – This is exactly the same as with the other water source node and is also one of the essential map generator nodes that need to be registered in order to have proper terrain generation.

All nodes have the only group oddly_breakable_by_hand = 3 set. The nodes also have is_ground_content = true set so the map generator can carve through them when generating caves, etc.

The mod also provides three simple textures.

  • void_essential_stone.png for the essential stone node
  • void_essential_water_source.png for the essential water source node
  • void_essential_river_water_source.png for the essential river water source node

This mod uses the bare minimum that is needed for mods.

Void Hand Mod

void_hand registers the hand tool is not technically needed to generate terrain and entering a world but not having it testing would become unnecessary complicated because the unconfigured hand does not even allow to break nodes that are configured to be breakable by hand.

  • : – The “hand tool” registration. Tool capabilities are identical to the capabilities used by Minetest Game because it was seen as default since most of the time. The wield_scale was slightly changed ({x = 0.5, y = 1, z = 4} instead of {x = 1, y = 1, z = 2.5}) which only results in visual changes.

This mod also adds a simple texture.

  • void_hand_hand.png for the registered “hand tool”

This mod also uses the bare minimum that is needed for mods.


To use this game simply switch to the game in the client and create a new world. You can use all standards compliant map generators with all of the settings. Except the three essential nodes (stone, water, river water) and the “hand tool” nothing is registered or loaded, or provided. You’ll have a pure, absolutely independent, bare minimum version of a game.

In order to test your mods simply configure the created world and add the mods as needed for testing. Then start the world and see what’s happening. Since there is no creative inventory turning on creative mode does not change the Minetest-provided default inventory. You need a mod for that or use the /giveme command.



Do you recommend this game?

  • Good game for...

    This is a good game for:

    • Testing new client-side mods
    • Creating levels of My Parkour game
    • Test Minetest Engine
    • ...And more!
  • Good game to test mods with biomegenerators

    This is a good gaame to test biomes

  • Very useful for creating mods.

    Thanks for this, it's useful as a testground for making mods. Very useful as a skeleton for making a non-MTG based game too!

  • it's like Devtest, but even simpler

    If Devtest was too complicated for you, and you felt lost in the details, just play this instead. None of those ugly textures or block choices. I guess it's basically the same as Cave Game in many respects.

    Ok, now for the serious part. I have started trying to mod without default. It actually isn't too bad. And this is an excellent tool to help. If your mod requires default, this will break it. Which could help you figure out why your mod doesn't work with some other game.

  • Nothing

    I think that there should be more games like this. No one can be angry about it cause there's nothing to get angry about

  • best game ever

    In the vast digital cosmos, Void by Linuxdirk stands out, not as a traditional game, but as a canvas for creativity and innovation. Its essence? Simplicity. An empty world, a playground for modders and developers to explore the Minetest engine's possibilities. Void, stripped down to its barest form, focuses on the essentials: stone, water, and the hand tool. This minimalist approach creates a pure, unadulterated environment for experimentation and development.

    For those seeking to test new client-side mods, Void is invaluable. It offers a safe space to experiment without fear of breaking existing gameplay. Developers can test their creations in isolation, ensuring compatibility and functionality before integrating them into larger projects. The reviews highlight Void's utility for creating levels, testing the Minetest engine, and serving as a skeleton for non-MTG based games.

    Yet, Void is more than just a testing ground. It's a testament to the power of simplicity and the potential of minimalism. By focusing on the fundamentals, it invites players and developers alike to rediscover the joy of creation. Whether you're a seasoned modder or a beginner, Void offers a unique opportunity to explore, innovate, and contribute to the vibrant community of Minetest.

    In a world where complexity often overshadows simplicity, Void stands as a beacon of purity and potential. It's not about the grandeur of worlds or the thrill of combat; it's about the satisfaction of crafting, the thrill of discovery, and the joy of creation. In its essence, Void is the greatest game ever created, not because of what it offers, but because of what it allows us to imagine and build.

  • I was looking for something like this.

    (What happened to Minimal Development Test? Or Minipeli?)

    Thank you for making this. Fifteen minutes ago I thought I was going to have to do it myself.



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