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Please note: this is a multiplayer-only game. You can run it on a local server or play on an online server

You can make your own arenas now. Use: Arenas are distributed as mods. Once you have made arenas, contact me to include them on my server and maybe in the main Blockbomber game release.

Made by: threehymns and MisterE


Move with your arrow keys.

Drop a bomb with Sneak (Shift).

Throw a bomb that you are standing in with space (if you have "spring").

Punch a bomb with LMB (if you have "fist").


The goal is to be the last player standing. Accomplish that by collecting the good items to increase your abilities, avoiding the bad ones, placing bombs strategically at the right place at the right time, and not falling.

BTW, falling is based on center, not on hitbox. Watch out! You can move through other players, but you cannot move through bombs.



stackable: Bomb: the more bombs you have, the more you can place at once! Tnt: The more tnts you have, the larger your bombs' blasts will be! Shoes: You start out a bit slow. Get shoes to get faster, but take care you dont get too fast and fall off!


Spring: allows you to throw bombs that you have just placed or are standing in with the jump key Fist: Allows you to punch bombs that you are standing next to (but not in)

Temporary: Compass: Makes your explosions go in diagonal directions as well as orthagonal. Heart: Gives you one extra life, against bomb blasts only! One at a time!

Other: Pheonix: Ressurects any players who have died already.

Bad (Maluses)

*all bad powerups are temporary and can be removed by getting another powerup or waiting for them to expire

Confused Frog: Switches your direction when you try to move Snail: Makes you super slow Coffee: Makes you too fast X-bomb: You cant place bombs til its gone! Party: Bomb fest!

Floor Blocks:

Floor: a regular block you can stand on Ice: a block where it is hard to change velocity Arrow: Pushes bombs in that direction Mortar: throws bombs to a random location on the board Air: You can fall thru holes if you're not careful!

Wall blocks

Crate: always drops an item when blasted Brick: is removable with a blast; has a chance to drop an item Wall: can never be broken; an imovable wall



Do you recommend this game?

  • Really fun

    This was quite fun, although I sucked at it! I liked the graphics and the variety of gameplay available.

  • A good multiplayer game


    • Good animations
    • Good item and nodes textures
    • Impressive menu (maybe a bit too long?)


    • The overall gameplay is a bit slow, but still fun
    • Upgrades are fun to obtain and use
    • Some maps seems difficult to play or are way too easy (only bad point)
  • It has potential, but it's not the best game experience as for now

    I appreciate the custom menu where to choose your character and the fact that those are actually animated. Yet, in that menu there are way too many things (leaderboard, instructions) and, speaking about instructions, I didn't even notice them in the first run.
    Gameplay in general feels kind of too much slow paced if you don't take some specific power up, which makes the game not that fun - especially because it's easier to blow yourself up by accident than killing someone else. Maybe with some work it can become a nice mode to play

  • Fun Bomberman-like Game

    This game is a very good Bomberman-like game. I haven’t played much Bomberman so I don’t know exactly what the differences in powerups, etc. are but I like the ways in which the players can interact with bombs (punching and springing), and it’s fun to rack up wins on the leaderboard.

    Unless you have 7 friends to play with, I would recommend playing this game on a public server, so that you might end up with extra players.

  • Amazing!

    This game is well coded. The powerups and multiplayer are well coded, as well as skins and animations. I feel this can have more to it, but not there yet. Me and my friend, Cricket, love to play this together. Thanks for this game, MisterE!

  • Nice, small, simple, complete game

    PLEASE NOTE: This review is written for the 2021 Minetest Game Jam version of this game, by a PARTICIPANT. I used Minetest version 5.4.1 to playtest.

    This is one of the few game jam submissions that are actually PLAYABLE. Really important, many people did not get that far (and thus gained lots of thumbs down from me, sorry. :-( ). And this game feels complete, with multiple levels, a menu and everything you expect. Even just 1 level would have been enough for me, but you went with multiple. Nice! So yeah, this is a classic bomberman clone with everything you expect from it. I don't know what else to say, but I just like it. I think the execution is done nicely. I'm missing a singleplayer mode, but it's okay since multiplayer seems to work. I also can't remember any bugs. The game isn't really great, but it's kinda good in my eyes. The menu is done very well, it has many features, even an in-game help is provided (something that many games with much MORE time to work in lack!). I know how much boring work it is to put a good menu together, and you did it completely within the time. I highly appreciate the effort that was put into the menu. Although I think, graphically, the menu is still kinda "meh", from the usability and features standpoint it is good.

    Most importantly, this submision perfectly fits game jam's theme: "small game". It's a small yet COMPLETE game. Clear and easy thumbs up.

    For post-jam I think more levels would be nice. A singleplayer mode would be very cool. I hope someone will host an actual server of this game someday, that would be cool.

  • Muy Divertido

    Innovador: Me ha impresionado hasta donde se puede llegar con Minetest, sin duda, BlockBomber es un ejemplo de que el limite esta en la imaginacion.

    Divertido: Es muy divertido para jugar con amigos, los sonidos y la musica te hacen sonreir mientras explotas cajas con tus bombas.

    Bonito: Lo modelos 3D y las texturas me han impresionado, son simples pero encajan perfectamente en la intencion del juego.

    No me ha hecho falta jugar muchas horas para darme cuenta que este juego es perfecto y que tendra mucho exito.

  • fun but need wait

    this game is fun but i doent like that you need wait for other people on servers to be able to play. the gameplay is also a littel slow but other than that, the game is nice. the textures are pretty and powerups are cool.

  • Great game to play with friends and family

    I was initially discouraged from playing a multiplayer-only game, but I highly recommend this game. It is very fun and there are enough mechanics and maps to prevent it from getting repetitive. Even with just 2 players, it's quite fun. I encountered no bugs except that certain movements on the slippery blocks didn't seem right. It's a nice touch to have all the items displayed in the inventory for quick reference.

  • Great fun

    Played it yesterday with the maker and I could've easily played another hour if I didn't need sleep!

    Good fun, polished and easy to get into. If you like any version or clone of bomberman, you will like this too.

    Looking forward to play this with more people!

  • Great game! I think this deserves fist place!

    This game was played and rated in the Minetest GAME JAM LIVE (ep3): Congrats on getting the highest rating in ep3! Note: rating system was changed a bit from ep1


    Rating System
    1 - Bad
    2 - Meh
    3 - Good
    4 - Great
    5 - Love it!
    Rating for BlockBomber
    Gameplay - 10/10
    Graphics - 5/5
    Player-Friendly - 3/5
    Performance - 5/5
    Sounds & Music - 5/5

    OVERALL: 28 (Love it!)


    I love this!! This deserves first place I think. I really enjoyed playing this, I think the only way this could be improved, is by adding a better tutorial system. Like Zughy said, every thing was really clumped up in the inventory, and I didn't even know what the objective of the game was, until I played it a few times. I loved that interface! The animation was so awesome, and the minimizing effect! Great job!


  • 380/450:

    GAME DESCRIPTION: A competetive game whose objective is for players to destroy the most blocks without dying.


    • Visual Appeal: 20/20

    • Sound/Audio Design: 20/20

    • Completeness: 30/30

    • License: 30/30

    • Originality: 20/50

    • Gameplay: 40/50

    • Performance: 40/50

    • User Friendly/Intuitive: 80/100

    • Codebase: 100/150

    FINAL SCORE: 380/450

    FINAL THOUGHTS: It's a great LAN game that really shows that Minetest is capable of handling other fun games, other than simple block placing games. Music is a nice touch.

    NOTE: Recommended/not recommended is based on if the score is an 84% or higher.



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