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Emerald Bank and Shops (MineClonia/MineClone2)



Code under AGPLv3-or-later License

EmeraldBank Mod is Libre/Free Software, copy and share.

This is not open source!


Keep your Emeralds in a bank!

Why Emeralds? In MineClonia/MineClone2 the emerald is money to trade with villagers!

Multiplayer support!

Add a crafteable Emerald bank node.

Works like gpcf's ATMs but with Emeralds!

Rightclick on bank open the bank interface, where you can deposit or withdraw your Emeralds.

You can transfer money to other players in Bank interface.

Shops (Like fancy_vend mod)

The new shops are based in fancy_vend mod shops

Learn more about shops here

User Commands

User /pay command. Pay emeralds to another player:

/pay <player> <num>

User /money command. Show you the emeralds in your bank account in the chat.



EmeraldBank mod also include a variety of tools for server administrators.

Admin Emerald command Admin command to add emeralds in bank accounts:

/emeralds <player> <num>

Add <num> emeralds to <player> account.

If num is 0 return emeralds in player account.

Temporarily disabling vendors: Any player with the disable_vendor privilege can run


to force all vendors into an inactive state. Please use this if you find a dangerous bug and are waiting for it to be fixed.

Admin vendors: Admin vendors perform the same role as their regular counterparts, however they do so with no stock or inventory requirements, simply creating and destroying items as players purchase.

Since incorrectly configured admin vendors could be easily used to duplicate items, the admin_vendor privilege is required for the option to switch a vendor to one appears. If the user is ever revoked this privilege, all admin vendors they own will be forced into an inactive state until the privilege is re-granted or the vendor is set to a player vendor.

Modifying vendors: If a user has the protection_bypass privilege, they will be able to access the full extent of the vendor as if they were the owner, including inventory and settings.

Server and client load: Fancy vend uses only one infrequent abm to refresh vendor objects in the event of a clearobjects. No other vendor updating is done unless a player purchases from the vendor or adjusts settings.

Note: Some clients using mobile and/or older devices, including PCs, may experience additional lag if many fancy vendors are used in a small space, however not to an extent greater than the majority of shops where players use itemframes or pedestals to achieve the same functionality as the fancy vendor's display.

More Info

This mod is for MineClonia or MineClone2 Games, dont work with MTG

Feel free to contribute, send MR/PR or issues.

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Do you recommend this mod?

  • excelent money system to MineClonia

    great money system to MineClonia/MineClone2 that use emeralds to manage your economy and shops!

  • Great mod but some things are missing

    First off, great mod. I personally like the concept. (It's simple, and works)

    Point 1: Admin shops

    It would be nice to build a small section of the server to contain unlimited purchases of items and emeralds. (e.g. 32 pieces of wood for 1 emerald, and the admin of the server doesn't need to keep empting the shop and keep his/her emerald account full, or even 1 diamond for 4 emeralds, and again the admin doesn't need to keep restocking it with diamonds)

    Point 2: Upgrade shops to sell/buy more items in 1 block/node

    This is actually my greatest annoyance. I need to use many shop nodes to buy/sell many items. (e.g. I'd need a shop for each of the different wood types, that's 4 nodes being taken up by shops just to buy or sell the different wood)

    I personally think upto 2-4 items being sold/bought per shop node would be more practically and reasonable. (Almost all the other shop like mods I've come accross sell/buy 4 items per shop node)

    Point 3: No easy way to contribute

    Due to the fact that this software has been label'd "libre software" (free software), does this means we don't have a public place to contribute code segments? (e.g. I know lua, know minetest's api, I'm willing to help on occasions, but there isn't a public place where the code is, so I can't help)

    This point isn't quite as big of a deal as the others, but it's important enough to discuss how someone (not necessarily me) could contriubute.

  • tratando de ser fuente cerrada. Trying to be closed source

    este mod es de código abierto. Eche un vistazo a su carpeta de mods

    TODO el software debe ser de código abierto si está alojado en contentDB.


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