Emeraldbank (MineClone2)

Code under GPLv3 License

EmeraldBank Mod is Libre/Free Software, copy and share.

This is not open source!


Keep your Emeralds in a bank!

Why Emeralds? In MineClone the emerald is money to trade with villagers!

Multiplayer compat!

Add a crafteable Emerald bank node. Craft can be disable in mod settings.

If rightclick on bank, you can keep your Emeralds (or emeraldblocks) inside.

If punch the bank, get back your Emeralds.

User /pay command. Pay emeralds to another player:

/pay <player> <num>

Admin command to add emeralds in bank accounts:

/emeralds <player> <num>

If num is 0 return emeralds in player account.

This mod is for MineClone2 Game, dont work with MTG

Feel free to contribute, send MR/PR or issues.



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