How do I install this?

Minetest mod that converts all messages sent in chat into OwOspeak.



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  • uwu

    UwU.................. owo

  • The mod that every server should have!

    The best mod that deals with chatting so far.

    My experiments have produced interesting results.

    Input: "I have been arrested for multiple crimes", "The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope".

    Output: "I have been awwested fow muwtipwe cwimes. owo", "The wast capitawist we hang shaww be he one who sowd us the wope. UwU", respectively.

    Overall, great, but definitely needs some more triggers that would increase the owoness of the output text, because substituting all of the "r"s for "w"s and placing an "OwO" at the end is too little. More should be done in order to reach the level of Visions of Glory.