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How do I install this?

Set the day of time cycle to a certain time permanently.

Use /permatime hh:mm to set a permanent time (e.g. 12:00 for noon), /permatime to disable it. Requires the settime privilege.

How's this different to _Xenon's ptime mod?

  • This mod is global, the permanent time will affect all players.
  • It will also freeze the day/night cycle, rather than only using override_day_night_ratio.
  • You can specify arbitrary times, instead of cycling between noon and midnight.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • A simple and effective utility

    As advertised and as expected, this mod does a great job of keeping the time of day set to a specific time. The results of the /permatime command are instantaneous and will keep the world's time locked to the exact time specified. As of this writing, it doesn't accept integer times like the /time command and can crash if /permatime is used with improper formatting or missing values, but it works perfectly when used correctly.