Placement Preview

shows a preview with orientation of the node the player is holding.

Building Mechanics and Tools

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Shows an in world placement preview of the item held in hand

Hold sneak for more orientations

player commands/settings: /placement_preview help settings include:

  • smooth movement
  • only preview stairs and slabs
  • disable/enable preview

Originally this mod was intended to only preview stairs/slab placement (toggle with commands)


  • by default only slabs and stairs will preview (can be toggled with command)
  • removed mtg dependency
  • bug fixes (setting: only_stairs_slabs, was causing a crash)


  • new animation after placing node/block (great for when placing "blocks" quickly)
  • fixed crafting table placement (mcl)
  • actually fixed door placement (80% sure)
  • slightly changed slab placing (still need a bit more work)


  • fixed doors and workbench placement


  • per player settings (using commands)
  • support for placement of inner and outer stairs
  • bug fixes


  • double slab preview
  • better node orientation
  • preview on buildable_to
  • added more compatibility

note for devs: if you want a node to preview like stairs, add "stairs" somewhere in the node's name or description (i may create an api for this at some point)



Do you recommend this mod?

  • No more guessing.

    I can finally uninstall every screwdriver mod.

  • Strongly recommended

    I don't know about server performance but on singleplayer worlds it's a great help. Should be part of the engine! Maybe you could make it so that it respects my custom building reach?

  • Must have

    Hi, this is an amazing mod and quite addicting.

    One suggestion -> Can we have a customizable blacklist for the nodes we don't want to see in the preview? FE: We use the mod welded lights... and that means we keep toprches in hand even just to light up dark places. And the preview of the torches build position is quite distracting.

    THX and Good job :)

  • An absolute must-have if gets polished

    I was fascinated when this was first sneak-peaked on the MineClone2 Discord server. And tbh I'm still is.

    Seeing what you will get if you will press "Place" is a huge QOL improvement for builders, no doubt on that one.

    I would be lying if I said this mod is without its quirks, however. For example, it doesn't take into account whether the node you're pointing at is buildable_to or not, resulting in disparities between the preview and what you actually get. Looking at the code, author also still has quite many TODOs and FIXMEs here, which is understandable.

    This prevents me from recommending it as it is right now. Doesn't make it any less impressive as a proof-of-concept though, which is why this review is still positive and not neutral.

    Looking forward to this mod getting finished.

    EDIT 2024-04-09: most of the things I discussed here are already fixed

  • Very good mod for builders and not only

    The mod is useful and helps a lot in the construction of all rivers 👍