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This is a small mod that adds a bell that tells you the hour. Like a normal church bell which used to be found in many German villages and town halls, it sounds as many times as the hour calls for.

In emergencies (i.e. mobs attacking en mass), players may ring the bell manually.

The normal bell that chimes the hour ought to be placed by moderators only in order to avoid spam. I've added a version of the bell that looks the same, can actually be crafted, can still be ringed manually (hear distance is smaller), but does not chime the hour automaticly.

Important: You have to add your own sounds. Just create a folder sounds/ in the mod's directory and drop files bell_bell.ogg and bell_small.ogg in it.



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  • nice, two issues

    (1) It doesn't sound the hour right now, either real-life or in-game hours. (2) It's way too easy to dig / remove it while striking it, but I think I can change that myself?

    But the first issue is real.

    Still, very satisfying to punch something and hear it cry out ;) , and the sound is effectively customizable.

    Upvote partly as a request to explain how to make it actually sound hours, or repair the bug if it is a bug.

  • Nice tone

    How to stop it after initialize?


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