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This mod is a library that helps other mods to place stored structures (such as houses) at mapgen time.

It can also be used for saving and/or moving your buildings. Type "/giveme handle_schematics:build 2", place one sign behind and one in front of what you want to save, right-click on the sign to see the dialog. Some of the more intresting features are:

  • you can restore the original landscape if the place where you placed a saved building turns out to be suboptimal
  • materials can be changed to other materials for diversity or if you don't have the mod that provides the node your house needs
  • wood type and roof type can be changed particulary easy
  • preview of how the building will be like
  • buildings are rotated automaticly according to the way you place the sign; that includes stairs etc.
  • if you have the creative priv, the house will appear immediately
  • if you don't have the creative priv, but have the blocks used for the house in your inventory, just right-click on the scaffolding nodes that are placed
  • tries to find suitable replacements automaticly if your world is based on Ethereal, RealTest or MineClone2

New in 2020-11-16: * major bugfixes, especially regarding newer versions of MT (5.3 and above) * ought to wokr with MineClone2, RealTest etc. again

New in 2020-08-18: * experimental saving and restoring of metadata (i.e. chest content) provided you do have the creative priv



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  • Need update

    Not enough memory error or cannot preview with model which is "too big". No search nodes functionality (as it is in worldedit "set nodes" option) to replace old/non-exisiting ones


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