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For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

This mod allows you to edit the dialogs of NPC ingame without a server restart. Players can edit their own NPC and grant others the right to edit them as well.

Author: Sokomine (based on AliasAlreadyTaken/aka Bastrabun's work)

This is just the editor.

You will need the following additional mods in order to make it work:

  • yl_speak_up - the actual mod/library that lets the NPC talk (required)
  • npc_talk - some NPC for your world that make use of the mod (technicly optional but highly recommended unless you write your own mod)
  • mobs_redo - a mod from TenPlus1 that adds lassos and better NPC handling (optional but highly recommended; also the base of a lot of other mobs, monsters and animals)
  • mobs_npc - a mod from TenPlus1 that adds NPC that spawn on their own in your world, can be tamed with bread and even reproduce (optional; recommended)

To get started, best install yl_speak_up, npc_talk_edit, npc_talk, mobs_redo and mobs_npc in your world.

Note: About the only time when you may not wish to install this mod alongside yl_speak_up might be when you're creating your own adventure game and want to ship it in a state where players of your game don't need to edit the NPC (players may still install this mod here after they've played your adventure and want to change/extend your game on their own).

Reporting bugs: Please report issues here.

For documentation, please refer to the documentention of yl_speak_up.



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