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For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

Adds a simple NPC and Trader into your worlds with a bonus Igor character with halloween skins.

  • Custom Traders can be created using api commands.
  • Right-click NPC or Igor with stick for control menu.
  • Quick trade with NPC or Igor by right-clicking with gold.
  • Right-click for random chatter.
  • Supports simple_dialog mod.
  • Supports MineClone2 items when trading.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Good..

    a good working mod with a very easy to use api, fully custimizable.. and simple, didn't miss any feature while trying it out..

  • Awesome

    Works well. Could use some more dialouge, though.

  • Very good mod to bring life to the game

    For me for now this is the best game with NPCs. The skins are pretty and varied. On the other hand, I find that NPCs do not move enough in the world and that they are limited in animations. But it is enough for his role.
    On the other hand, I encountered a bug: NPCs walk on water!
    Not very normal I think : )

  • It's a good mod, but I have a doubt...

    Do the NPC spawn on their own? If so, where? Because i've playing for a while and I don't see them spawning. I also tried installing Sokomines' Villages mod, and NPC don't spawn there either. I think it would be perfect to have the experience of Villages with NPCs once and for all in Minetest.


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