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Uranium Stuff

Mod for Minetest, adds Uranium tools and armor, compatible with Technic.
Source code: GitHub
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Have you ever wondered what to do with your waste 0% uranium?
Worry no more! Now you can use it to make tools and armor.
Tools are fast and deal a lot of damage, armor also provides radiation protection.

- Tools will now irradiate mobs to drain their health over time.
- Armor will drain your health if the "Uranium Protection Gem" is not in your inventory.
- Uranium tool in hand will now also drain your health without the gem
- Irradiated mobs have a radioactive green glow
- Mobs killed by radiation will leave Green Goo residue
- Green goo can be turned into Evil Green Goo that follows and kills mobs
- Most settings can be configured
- Dropped MineClone support for now

If the technic mod is not present, this mod will provide uranium ore generation.
Uranium ore will be found at the same heights as with technic, but at much lower quantities,
to compensate for the lack of need for centrifuging.

Tools added
- Uranium Sword
- Uranium Axe
- Uranium Shovel
- Uranium Pickaxe
- Uranium Hoe
- Uranium Multitool

Armor added
- Uranium Chestplate
- Uranium Leggings
- Uranium Boots
- Uranium Helmet
- Uranium Shield

Special items
- Uranium Gem
- Uranium Protection Gem
- Green Goo
- Evil Green Goo

Textures adapted from the following mods
Lava Stuff - ContentDB | GitHub
Multitools - ContentDB | GitHub
More Ores - ContentDB | GitHub
Technic Plus - ContentDB | GitHub
Minetest Game - GitHub



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  • Proposition 65 warning

    This mod contains items that are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Thankfully, this does not affect Minetest players.

    Edit: It now does affect Minetest players, beware!