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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Adds new ores, along with tools and building blocks.



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  • Give the Mithril nodes more justice

    Mithril is probably the best material in the world of Lord Of The Rings, but this mod fails so far to give it full justice. If you want to have Mithril ores and blocks being tougher than the diamond ones, with the block only dig-able by the Mithril pick (and blast resistant of course), try out my fork and tell me if you find any bugs:

    More changes are listed here:

    I still give it a "Like" and hope that my changes will be accepted in the main mod at some time :-D

  • Great Mod

    Great mod though mithril should be found a bit deeper as diamonds are found at -1024 while mithril is found at -512

  • Favorite Ores Mod

    always had this mod activated in every survival server i've played, nice & simple, good job o/

  • A solid addition to the default game

    It's great having access to these additional ores, and of course the mithril is a nice touch.

  • Great!

    Always loved the mithril ore which is the most charateristic thing of this mod in my opinion.

  • Really fun addition!

    Only problem is that mithril isn't silver, despite the name being elvish for silver-steel. Really good mod besides!

  • it's nice, it's simple, it does what it says

    If you want a mod that feels like a seamless addition, this is about as seamless as it gets. Now, it does sacrifice size and features, but who needs more ores if they do nothing? These ones have reason to exist. Any additional ones not as much. I'll have to see how well or badly it plays with the nether mod.

    One small question? Why does this still have tin? Tin is part of default.


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