Storage Drawers

Adding simple storages for items, showing the item's inventory image in the front.


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For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

This mod adds simple item storages showing the item's inventory image in the front. By left- or right-clicking the image you can take or add stacks. If you also hold the shift-key only a single item will be removed/added.

There's also a 'Drawer Controller' which can insert items automatically into a network of drawers. Just place the drawers next to each other, so they are connected and the drawer controller will sort the items automatically. If you want to connect drawers, but you don't want to place another drawer, just use the 'Drawer Trim'.

Do you have too many cobblestones for one drawer? No problem, just add some drawer upgrades to your drawer! They are available in different sizes and are crafted by steel, gold, obsidian, diamonds or mithril.



I thank the following, very good-looking persons:

Justin Aquadro (@jaquadro), developer of the original Minecraft Mod (also licensed under MIT) — Textures and Ideas

Mango Tango (@mtango688), creator of the Minetest Mod "Caches" — I could reuse some code by you. :)



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Tidy

    A handy way to sort your items at a glance with many drawer alternatives to match your builds :)

  • Every survival server should have it!

    The drawer mod provides a storage that is easy to manage and be programmed (via Luacontrollers), and can be upgraded to enlarge its space. In surivial, it can be a nice storage; in crerative, it can be the best decoration.

  • Good way to organise items

    This is a really nice way to organise items.

    I made an automated system to sort and store my items:

    I just wish this mod supported tools (albeit at a lower count)

  • English

    Best Storage Mod

    To be honest, i've been looking for a mod like this for a very long time, till i found it a few months ago. This makes storing stuff hundreds of times more simple, I can finally store huge amounts of items without wasting too much space, Technic chests are good, but they are just too inconvinient for storing huge amounts of items, would be nice if some more mod support was added, to increase storage space, anyways, my favourite storage mod.

  • Sorting

    I recently completed a compression factory, and switched over to using drawers for storage. Could you add compatability with the Hoppers mod?

    Edit: I realised that it can use pipeworks. Very helpful mod!

  • Good Storage

    Great mod to storage large amounts of items. needed if you have mods which will provide you too many of the same item like digtron which will eventually give you tons and tons of cobble and it is hard to storage same for most next generation tools mods.

    Useful and easy to use, great work.

  • Just spiffy

    This removes the most tedious part of any open-world crafting game, which is inventory management.

  • Bueno y util

    Util para guardar cosas estakeables, pero estaria mucho mejor para MineClone

  • Unable to craft in-game.

    Went through the images on how to craft and nothing happened. They didn't craft and they also don't show up in the creative inventory either. Useless if there is no way to get them.

  • Good for tidier storage

    Putting nodes and items in drawers, which will become designated by the item you put inside of it, looks way better than just cramming things in chest. Generally just makes things tidy. :)

  • Just trying to figure things out.

    Liked the look of the mod, The items are documented by picture how to make, which is helpful. It looked good, but was not functional as I could not use them as storage. Being a MC player it reminded me a little of the fancy sign mod.

    I hope the author keeps working on it, it is Good.


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