Storage Drawers

Adding simple storages for items, showing the item's inventory image in the front.


For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

This mod adds simple item storages showing the item's inventory image in the front. By left- or right-clicking the image you can take or add stacks. If you also hold the shift-key only a single item will be removed/added.

There's also a 'Drawer Controller' which can insert items automatically into a network of drawers. Just place the drawers next to each other, so they are connected and the drawer controller will sort the items automatically. If you want to connect drawers, but you don't want to place another drawer, just use the 'Drawer Trim'.

Do you have too many cobblestones for one drawer? No problem, just add some drawer upgrades to your drawer! They are available in different sizes and are crafted by steel, gold, obsidian, diamonds or mithril.



I thank the following, very good-looking persons:

Justin Aquadro (@jaquadro), developer of the original Minecraft Mod (also licensed under MIT) — Textures and Ideas

Mango Tango (@mtango688), creator of the Minetest Mod "Caches" — I could reuse some code by you. :)



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