Adds digital circuitry, including wires, buttons, lights, and even programmable controllers.

Building Education Machines / Electronics

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Mesecons! They're yellow, they're conductive, and they'll add a whole new dimension to Minetest's gameplay.

Mesecons is a mod for Minetest that implements a ton of items related to digital circuitry, such as wires, buttons, lights, and even programmable controllers. Among other things, there are also pistons, solar panels, pressure plates, and note blocks.

Mesecons has a similar goal to Redstone in Minecraft, but works in its own way, with different rules and mechanics.

How do I use this thing?

How about a quick overview video?

Or maybe a comprehensive reference is your style?

An overview for the very newest of new beginners? How does this one look?

Want to get more into building? Why not check out the Mesecons Laboratory, a website dedicated to advanced Mesecons builders?

Want to contribute to Mesecons itself? Check out the source code!

Who wrote it anyways?

These awesome people made Mesecons possible!

Contributor Contribution
Hawk777 Code for VoxelManip caching
Jat15 Various tweaks.
Jeija Main developer! Everything.
Jordach Noteblock sounds.
khonkhortistan Code, recipes, textures.
Kotolegokot Nodeboxes for items.
minerd247 Textures.
Nore/Novatux Code.
RealBadAngel Fixes, improvements.
sfan5 Code, recipes, textures.
suzenako Piston sounds.
Uberi/Temperest Code, textures, documentation.
VanessaE Code, recipes, textures, design.
Whiskers75 Logic gates implementation.

There are also a whole bunch of other people helping with everything from code to testing and feedback. Mesecons would also not be possible without their help!

Alright, how can I use it?

All textures in this project are licensed under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Generic). That means you can distribute and remix them as much as you want to, under the condition that you give credit to the authors and the project, and that if you remix and release them, they must be under the same or similar license to this one.

All code in this project is licensed under the LGPL version 3 or later. That means you have unlimited freedom to distribute and modify the work however you see fit, provided that if you decide to distribute it or any modified versions of it, you must also use the same license. The LGPL also grants the additional freedom to write extensions for the software and distribute them without the extensions being subject to the terms of the LGPL, although the software itself retains its license.

No warranty is provided, express or implied, for any part of the project.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Very useful

    Mesecons is super useful and fun for automation.

  • Very good mod

    Simple to use for Minetest noobs and very powerful (with digilines also)

  • As others said: better than redstone

    I love ghoststone but removestone seems kind of useless, since it's expensive and you could just use cheap TNT if you want blocks removed permanently. Hasn't caused any crashes for me yet, even though it's one of the more complex mods. Recommend.

  • Better than Redstone

    As mentioned in the mod description, Mesecons is basically the equivalent of Redstone. But it is easier to use, without Redstone's dumb restrictions. Wires don't need to be placed on a solid surface, and can instantaneously carry a signal as far as you need. Mesecons also has features that Redstone has not, including insulated wires, compact logic gates, FPGAs, and controllers programmable with Lua.

    In addition, it's easy to write mods that integrate with Mesecons. You can add your own inputs and outputs and even your own wires. That said, documentation of the API is somewhat lacking.

    There are some bugs, especially with regards to pushing Mesecons components using pistons. You probably won't encounter them during normal gameplay, but hopefully they will be fixed eventually.

  • Very useful mod

    The mod contains many interesting electronic components. I like making electronics circuits! I use this mod more than one year. I recommend it!

  • Ability of creating the base of very complex mechanisms

    Enormous amount af detectors, wires, etc

    Near infinite possibilities, especialy then also using digilines and digistuff

    There is a good documentation online, which makes easy to use the luacontroler.

    I use it every time I play minetest game :)

  • Great mod, but arcane and difficult for beginners

    It's a great mod that's clearly had a ton of effort put into it, but it's unfortunately confusing and difficult for the beginner to use. It's also practically impossible to build a contraption whose functionality is hidden behind a wall etc I found - or maybe I've just missed something.

  • Great mod!

    Thanks to this mod, I was able to make a lot of useful mechanisms in my minetest world! I recommend it!

  • My favourite mod

    I love playing around with mesecon circuits and creating interesting things.

  • Mesecons are awesome!!

    It offers so much possibility! It's programming, but more intuitive. It's easy to understand, and easy to use. Making this mod made you become a genius. This is really better than redstone and you included all the detectors that we could need. You just should add an interface for the block placer, as in the Paladium's drawbridge, I don't know if you heard about it. Here are url to some images: here is the drawbridge in itself and here is the drawbridge's interface to see how to make the GUI. The principe is pretty simple: you put the blocks that you want it place for you in the order you want and when you activate it, it places it in the same order on the line in front of it, but if there's a hole in the list, it doesn't place air, it places the next blocks. I don't know if I'm understandable, but you should try during your free time. Else, bravissimo, this mod is truely awesome.

  • I will use Mesecons in a Japanese junior high school class.

    This is a great mod! I have created a website to utilize Mesecons mod in a Japanese junior high school class. Thank you very much.

  • It is really great for anything

    If you want to build a simple circut, it can do that

    if you want to make an entire pc in-game? mesecons can do that

  • Adds a lot of logic features

    A very well supported mod that adds a lot of stuff to work with to create logic systems. You get buttons, witches logic gates and even an FPGA you can freely program to do a lot of cool things. You can also have a ctroller that can run (mostly) arbitrary Lua code when triggered in a defined way and that can output signals that can be processed by other components.

    It also interacts very well with Digilines and Technic and allows complex machinery with text output on displays.

    This is one of the few mod’s I always enable when starting a new world or trying things in singleplayer.

  • Great for building complex contraptions with complex purpouses.

    Mesecons can be used for a variety of reasons which is the main reason it is a consitently usefule mod. It adds tons of things, from self building bridges to a simple door that opens when your close, this mod has you covered. But because of its complexity, it may be hard to learn for beginners as there are barely any accessible tutorials shared on social media. Maybe an in-game guide book that teaches you some of the basic mechanics? Maybe if you shift+rightclick+jump it tells you more about how the block you're pointed at? Great mod, 8/10. A must have for survival/creative servers.

  • I cannot imagine a server without mesecons and digilines

    Mesecons can do a lot of things - for example, hidden door or light automation, which is useful on both survival and creative. Even though with only mesecons can't do a lot of things, it is highly customizable and can be extended by digilines.

  • Red wire goes where ?

    It's amazing what you can build using this mod, I only wish it were faster on servers.

  • technik for beginners

    very cool mod,i love it! it adds simple technic and can automate things,also its used in many mods. one of the best mods i know!

  • Can make easier to add commands, or add common admin commands in init.lua?

    I've been trying to get the /spawnentity command working with command blocks, and I can't figure it out in one pass. It would help everyone if you added a number of common commands to the mesecons_commandblock files so we can just uncomment them and get to it. Privs should be checked first.

  • Great mod

    Great mod once you understand it, recommend it with mese_restriction if running on a creative server though.

  • Awesome mod

    title says it all, perfect in combination with pipeworks and technic

  • One of the best electronics mods

    Widely supported by mods, this is one of the best Minetest alternatives to Minecraft Redstone.

  • Awesome Mod

    Should be in minetest_game by default tbh.

  • Electric

    Mod is electric in nature and similar to minecraft redstone system infact better than redstone but just add one more thing to this mode which can shoot out projectiles like the minecraft dispenser

  • Fun and Expendable but... At the Price of Stability in Performance and Unreliable Attending

    In short there is uncontained pistion cycling and it was left for many months before it recieved the attention that the fact it's a offical bug and queuned for 1.3 iteration of the mod. Source/Proof: Hopefully the mod maintainers will be attending and fix these considerably more promptly as possible. Given at the current rate I see it a serious concern for servers.

  • Too Hard

    how can i make the sign show hi


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