Adds digital circuitry, including wires, buttons, lights, and even programmable controllers.

Building Machines / Electronics


Mesecons! They're yellow, they're conductive, and they'll add a whole new dimension to Minetest's gameplay.

Mesecons is a mod for Minetest that implements a ton of items related to digital circuitry, such as wires, buttons, lights, and even programmable controllers. Among other things, there are also pistons, solar panels, pressure plates, and note blocks.

Mesecons has a similar goal to Redstone in Minecraft, but works in its own way, with different rules and mechanics.

How do I use this thing?

How about a quick overview video?

Or maybe a comprehensive reference is your style?

An overview for the very newest of new beginners? How does this one look?

Want to get more into building? Why not check out the Mesecons Laboratory, a website dedicated to advanced Mesecons builders?

Want to contribute to Mesecons itself? Check out the source code!

Who wrote it anyways?

These awesome people made Mesecons possible!

Contributor Contribution
Hawk777 Code for VoxelManip caching
Jat15 Various tweaks.
Jeija Main developer! Everything.
Jordach Noteblock sounds.
khonkhortistan Code, recipes, textures.
Kotolegokot Nodeboxes for items.
minerd247 Textures.
Nore/Novatux Code.
RealBadAngel Fixes, improvements.
sfan5 Code, recipes, textures.
suzenako Piston sounds.
Uberi/Temperest Code, textures, documentation.
VanessaE Code, recipes, textures, design.
Whiskers75 Logic gates implementation.

There are also a whole bunch of other people helping with everything from code to testing and feedback. Mesecons would also not be possible without their help!

Alright, how can I use it?

All textures in this project are licensed under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Generic). That means you can distribute and remix them as much as you want to, under the condition that you give credit to the authors and the project, and that if you remix and release them, they must be under the same or similar license to this one.

All code in this project is licensed under the LGPL version 3 or later. That means you have unlimited freedom to distribute and modify the work however you see fit, provided that if you decide to distribute it or any modified versions of it, you must also use the same license. The LGPL also grants the additional freedom to write extensions for the software and distribute them without the extensions being subject to the terms of the LGPL, although the software itself retains its license.

No warranty is provided, express or implied, for any part of the project.



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